Kritipur Visit With The Batari Dada.

19th December 2018, visited Kritipur after attending the orientation class at Kathmandu University. That day I started writing about the Orientation and couldn’t write about Kritipur Visit. On Today’s blog, I will share my awesome experience of visiting places of Kritipur that I visited last week with my friend Dipesh Bhattarai. Friends know him by this name “Batari“.

This blog is less about Kritiupr city because both of us didn’t know the name of all the alleys or temples that we visited. It’s more about a memory we brothers made talking and reviving the memories that we as well as our friends made during the KU Days. We walked most part of Kritipur talking about each other, and yes definitely missed you guys.

For the first time, I saw the Red Frame of Kritipur. This is an art done by the artist, Mr. Amrit Karki. He mapped the houses and painted red only at some parts of their houses. This would create a big image frame red in color which you can clearly see from the Kritipur Gate. Straight from Kritipur Gate on the right side, there is a Pipal Tree. There lies a bakery cafe whose name is “Lone Tree Bakery Cafe”. The name might not be correct but there is this cool cafe which has a calm ambiance in the evening. Burger and Ginger tea was awesome. Next time, I will try the Pachak tea.

After having tea we climbed upwards to the old town of Kritipur. I was totally unaware about that place and Batari was my guide😁. We visited BaghBhairav temple a calm place to hang out from all city chaos. BaghBhairav has valuable sculptures, statues, arts, wooden crafts and paints around the temple. We enjoyed the view of a large part of Kathmandu Valley from the back side of the temple. We can see Swayambhunath, White Gumba, and other Monasteries. Kalanki and many other housings were clearly visible. Batari told, had we been here a few years before, we would also see Dharahara.

Spending a few minutes at Bagh Bhairav we started to walk at the alleys of Lahana. All of us know Newa Lahana, the famous hotel which serves Newari dishes. Definitely, Lahana has lots of Newari Dishes, but I’m a vegetarian 😜 The alleys of Lahana has artifacts that resembled Newari Culture and has dozens of photos of temples around Kritipur. Crossing the alleys of Lahana we entered to this courtyard, in middle of houses which were all red. Batari told it felt like being at Bandipur( I’ve not been there yet :/ ). Few steps upwards, we reached at the top where lied a temple. Both of us didn’t know the name. From that temple, we started to talk about the history of Nepal. This place Kritiupr itself is a strong fort. Fort because, the temples, durbars, and people lived on top of the hill. This makes them safe from enemies during the war. There were ponds all over the hills so they could easily survive for months. Also Nepali use Stone as their tool to fight during the war. The strategy of living on top of the hill and throwing big stones downwards to the enemy can be read in most part of Nepali history.

While climbing to these places, Dipesh told that he used to walk with Jali when he had stone problems. Also, we talked about a day spent with Bau after he quit his job for Master’s Studies. We walked down and reached this new happening place of Kritipur. There was this newly installed suspension bridge where the crowd was high. After crossing the bridge we took rest and again continued talking about KU days, friends, distance and gatherings. Out of those four, three were already there. We could talk about KU days and time spent with friends. Now in the last two years, the distance has also increased. Some are far like in next continents, some in neighboring countries so not any chances of meeting them any time sooner. But the distance has increased because friends living inside the valley are also quite far. Don’t know when will this fourth thing that we talked about i.e. gathering happens.

We concluded our conversation saying, maybe “priorities” has happened to you, me and everyone else. So let’s be happy with whatever our friends are doing. And I told “gathering had happened once during KU Days when we went Pokhara to meet the family of one of our friend in their time of mourning. That is how our day ended, I had to catch the vehicle to reach Patan for Bartika Eam Rai’s concert.

Concert was amazing, I will share that amazing experience in next blog. I want to end Today’s blog thanking Batari for spending time together and making it a pleasant memory trip to our highway of friendship. Also, thank you to Jagriti and Vipra for your company during the bus ride to Patan. Your cricket gossip is something I will not forget any time sooner. Sorry I couldn’t even thank you two for paying the bus fare. If we meet again, I owe you two a cup of coffee and no Cricket Guffs, please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Photos from Kritipur in Google Photos Album:

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  1. Just wow πŸ™‚

    It was great to have you at Kirtipur and give you a tour of the place. I look forward to our next trip to “Nala Gumba” very soon πŸ˜‰

  2. You know that I am free every weekend and soon I’ll be quitting my job. So after three weeks, I am mostly free πŸ™‚ so yes we will make it to the Nala Gumba too πŸ™‚
    Just give me a call.

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