Let’s See, Where The Path Leads!

The confused state of mind that has been walking with me throughout my life hasn’t given up yet. It’s still walking with me. My incomplete blogs, projects, love(a long time ago), treks, studies, my messed up room and my bad morning habits are all proofs of my dilemma. But still, I’m able to see the path at least a few steps ahead. I think I am taking my steps towards those milestones.

Today seems fine, the future seems unpredictable and past always seems bizarre. Steps that I take today seems perfectly fine. It feels like now there won’t be any more problems to deal with and life will move with an ease. But today, the tomorrow of my yesterdays, the tomorrows of my past, when I look at them, I’ve never found that my moves were so perfect. All of them were immature, less cared or never cared, ill practiced and lost in between.

Today, I feel how did I play my role in the past as a dweller of life. I know where were the potholes and where were the hardest turn in life, in the past. So I take those steps of my past as a lesson and think of taking cautious steps in the days to come. I build my confidence every single day with a thought of conquering my present because the present is the most valuable thing in life. It is what creates past and it is what makes us believe that there is a bright future ahead.

Somebody said, “The grass on the other side always looks greener”. So true, but also at the opposite side of a light bulb lies this pitch darkness. So I fear this confused state of my mind, that I’ve been carrying without any choice won’t play it’s role anymore. I wish my intelligence will disguise my confusions and my hard work will clear the fog. I believe in the days to come, I can feel the smooth road to happiness, will see the milestones clear and will never stop.

Let’s See, Where the Path Leads!

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