Life is full of Surprises. Surprises at Tilicho Base Camp.

I didn’t find yesterday’s blog interesting after I completed it. This Blog, either the topic didn’t justify its content or my writing approach didn’t work out. I felt that lagging connection with the topic. It didn’t connect my heard while reading. Maybe the blog was about a sad incident, an accident that I saw while traveling. Or maybe I got lost into the thoughts and that fade all creativity in writing.

After I shared this feeling to one of my regular reader on Instagram, he told me that it’s okay. He is actually an artist who sketches awesome portraits. He told me that during his portraits he likes it very much till 90% of the sketch is done. Then sometimes when finishes it completely he finds that it went very bad. So he motivated me with his experiences. Awesome isn’t it?

Okay, let’s write something interesting today, some awesome memory. This happened while we were staying in a hotel at Tilicho Base Camp. Don’t wonder how I reached there. We five trekkers, Suman, Dipesh, Ashish & Sudeep did the Tilicho Lake – Thorang La Circuit Trekking last month. This journey itself is a separate blog and will take some time to get completed. But obviously the bits of memories that I’ve gathered, I cannot stop sharing.

Have you ever felt like a special person in a place where nobody knows who you are? Or let’s say ever felt that surprise which comes out of nowhere somewhere in an unknown land?  Well, I got all those overwhelmed feelings and amazing surprise. Yes, it happened at the Tilicho Base Camp, Manang district.

We started our trekking Friday night from Kathmandu. Next morning we reached Besi Sahar then Manang and Khangshar. We took a jeep from Besi Sahar and reached Khangshar in the evening. Next morning we walked at around 6:30 AM towards Tilicho Basecamp. We crossed those landslide areas which is widely clicked and shared online. At around 1:30 PM we reached the Tilicho Base Camp. Luckily my friends booked a room (one last remaining room) at the base camp. There are two or three hotels in the base camp. As it was a favorable season for trekking all hotels were pack. let’s say it was our good day. We settled down, got refreshed and headed towards the hotel’s dining hall.

Time was just 2:30 in the afternoon. We couldn’t walk further up because up there at Tilicho lake its lake only and barren land. Also later the next day we realized that it was not possible to reach the lake easily, so staying at the base camp. At the dining hall, there were mostly Nepali trekkers. It was totally different than the previous trekkings. Previously while traveling any places there used to be all foreigners and only a few Nepali travelers in the dining hall. So we easily used to buckle up and start chatting sitting next to the fire.

The fire chimney was cold. We knew that they would lit the fire only at 4:00 PM. So one and half hour all we planned to do was to sit there and have ginger tea. We sat there having our tea and we started talking with a group of Nepali Trekkers. There were two girls and a guy who were friends since their childhood. They amazed us by sharing their story behind how they made it to Tilicho Trek. One girl who works in a reputed X Star Hotel of Kathmandu, she faked her reasons, said she was sick. Then she was taken to the hospital from her workspace. Later she was asked for a bed rest and now she was there. Hahaha. She was saying that she even has her medical report to submit back after completing the trek. I forgot to ask their contacts, else I would go to her workplace and have different varieties of special dishes and pastries.

Okay back to the main part. While we were having funny chit-chat, there was a girl sitting in a chair, who looked like a foreigner. She was not talking much but there were some Nepali guys in her table. So I assumed that they are the guides and porters joining with her in this trek. So that was it, we were back to our own chitchat. Finally, the owner lit the fire and we started enjoying the fire. At around 5 PM a group of three couple entered the dining hall. Everyone was carrying a whistle. So we called them our Whistle gang. Than arrived our “uie uie railaa” Gang from Butwal. those badass group entered quiet and after seeing us they again started yelling “uie uie railaaaaaaa”. Everyone might be thinking if these guys were mad, but we knew they actually were mad people. They were traveling on bikes. After their bike got damaged, two guys joined us in our jeep.

At around 6 to 6:30 pm, she stood nearby the fire. The chair was not available at the moment. After a few minutes, a guy left the chair. As a courtesy, I asked her to take the seat. Again we were back in our conversation. There was this old Rai Porter Dai, who was telling his awesome tales of his young age. Everyone was entertaining the old man’s tales. My friends were promoting at the same time making funny statements with my Instagram username @travelingnepal. If I would say something then, they would say, “see so you need to follow travelingnepal on Instagram”. They used that word quite a few times.

Then she asked, ” You have this traveling page on Instagram called Nepali travels or something like that, right?” I nodded with agreement and said it’s called TravelingNepal. I was a little surprised and I asked: “Do you follow me?”. Then she told me her username and asked, do you remember this username? Ok, I was surprised, totally surprised. I had no clue how to respond. That was so overwhelming moment. I never thought I would meet someone whom I had talked online in this amazing place.

That moment was special for me. I was already happy an smiling. That excitement was all over my face. Even though unknown with people, I used to talk/ respond to people whenever they have good pictures or stories on Instagram. And this girl was also one with whom I remember talking one late night. It started with a story which was regarding life, love relationship or something. So I immediately remembered everything.

After that, we talked and talked and talked. I introduced her to my group and it got even more interesting. We had fun together played a game too. She had already made it to Tilicho while we were yet to reach up there. She told that her brother felt uncomfortable at the base camp after returning back from the Tilicho Lake. So they stayed there. I also went to see her brother and we talked for a while.

And yet another overwhelming surprise was there inside her room. There were about 3 other Nepali trekkers. As I was talking with her brother, someone called “Sanjog”. Fuck😀 now I got super excited, coz I remembered that voice. It was Netra Pandey from the Electrical Department, KU. I felt so lucky that day coz I got to meet a stranger with whom I talked a lot but never thought we would meet in real life. Also, I met my close buddy with whom it’s been like 2 years since we last talked.

I’m gonna end writing today remember this movie dialogue from “Forest Gump“, “…life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get

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