Mamaghar and Nostalgic Memories!

After almost a year I went my Mamaghar this evening. Mamaghar is a Nepali word given for the home where our mother was born. From the ground floor, I checked every door to the top. But no one was there and every room was locked. It was a shocking thing for me because inside that 4 stored house about twenty members live together. This time there was no reply to my calling of “भाईआमो, भाईआमो”. Else every time since my school, my grandma used to reply “हॊऒऒ” in a loud voice from the kitchen which is on the top floor.

Everyone of us has this nostalgic memory at their Mamghar, right? For me, my mamaghar is very special. All my childhood either I lived at my grandparent’s house or at mama’s house. And in this home, lies my countless memories. With today’s visit out there, it’s the perfect thing to write out all those golden memories on my blog.

It’s has been my safe house in the darker days

Years back when I was on class 6-7, the year my grandmother passed away, it was the time of Maoist insurgency. At Kavrebhanjyang my village, my family heads, father mother, uncle, and aunt were performing the rituals of 13 days. Suddenly the whole village was in chaos after the gunfire between Maoists and Nepal Army began. It was so loud, terrifying and everyone started to head inside their houses. My parents were worried about me and my sister. So at that time, we walked up to Devisthan, Dhulikhel and went to our mamaghar. It’s has been my safehouse in the darker days 

It’s been my Playground 

I am a left handed guy and I play all sports with left hands. I write by right hand else left is my power pack 🙂 So one day we were playing cricket with my maternal uncles. As  I was batting, mama ji couldn’t take the wicket while I was hitting fours and six runs. My mama ji did a spinner and the ball hit directly to my nose Wickeeeeeet 😂. And that’s the last time I remember playing cricket, years ago. 

It’s where I found my favorite Football Player, favorite country to support on world cup and in football leagues.

Football fanatics can easily guess the year reading this. Those were the days when David Beckham used to play for Manchester United. And there was two T-shirt at Umesh Mama’s locker, those Vodafone printed Tshirt of United and England. If I used to get home sooner than my mama, I used to wear it and roam around with my friends 🙂 Since than I’m a Manchester United and England Fan. Although I don’t know who is there in the squad, the Beckham craze has not yet gone from my mind. I am a sports person, play often but reasons for supporting these two are not only because of their games but it’s due to this connection it gives me back!

My craze for book reading started there only

Ramesh Mama’s room still has this book shelf above his bed where there are nearly a hundred different books. Above that there is another rack for his medals and trophies. And among all mama ji’s room his room looked attractive with his books, medals and those roses which might be gifts from his loved ones  from his college back then 😜 Since then I have cultivated the habit of reading books. He would let me read books from his shelf. Although I didn’t complete those huge books at that time, but I’m living my good time with this old habit. And medals? I kind of have at least half in numbers but yes we both mama vanja are fond of sports.

My love for Music and Ghajals started at my Mamaghar

There used to be a 99 Market at Chardobato Bus Stop could get different items at NRs. 99, 199,299,399 & 499. Pralhad Mama bought an audio player and player at 199 or 299 rupees. With that gadget, Me, Umesh Mama and Pralhad mama listened to decades-old songs, ghazals, stories and what not!. These are some I remember, Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, that Bulbul show by Achyut Ghimire with Sobha Ghurtu’s Rang Sari Gulhabi Chunariya Ghazal, Lucky Ali, Sur Album’s entire songs(“Aa Bhi Jaa Aa Bhi Jaa”, “Jaane Kya Dhoondhta Hai” “Kabhi Shaam Dhale”, “Khoya Hai Tune Jo E Dil”. Both of them will have brain damage with nostalgic feeling after reading this blog 🙂

There are many more things that I’ve captured in my mamaghar. Some of them are very secrets like reading other’s love letters :P, watching explicit contents(Shh! dont talk about it, else the government will arrest you😆😆😆) for the first time, stole 100 rupees to buy the MADZone album cassette, listening to those late night calls by pretending I am fully asleep. There are many more 🙂 and obviously, I won’t write those in details ever😜 That will be all for today and yes I am listening to the Sur Album while writing this blog. now the first thing I will share this to my mama ji all three of them! 

Also, I want to dedicate all those words which I wrote on the thirtieth day of my daily writing commitment to all of my Mama ji who inspired me with their passion and love for living a wonderful life.