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Today is the fifteenth day of writing my daily blog writing commitment. I am enjoying doing this. Slowly I am recalling my memories, experiences, lessons I’ve learned. Sharing them through my blog is helping me to deliver a message as well as keep a record of my sweet/bitter memories. Today I’m starting to write early in the morning. So much happy that I woke up early and the first thing I remember was that I need to write a blog. Although the time is not enough to complete the entire article, as I need to head to work, I will continue during the lunch hours and after work.

Everybody’s morning starts with a cup of tea/coffee. My mother wakes me up and always brings me a glass of hot water and a cup of tea. As I was thinking about what topic should I write about drinking my tea, I chose to write about tea only. Because with Chiya there are lots of memory collections. So why not to freshen them up?

The topic I am writing today is my memories with “ChiyaGuff”. Chiya/ “चिया” is called Tea in the English and Guff is guff right :). Google defines Guff as a worthless talk. In our society too, the Guffs that we do in local tea shops, mostly in villages are told worthless. But it’s not worthless all the time. We talk about projects, future, and ideas during our ChiyaGuffs.

If a hundred thousand people can be brainwashed with different tea production companies advertisement shouting “Tokla Chiya Mood Change Turuntai”, why don’t I do the same to few of my readers 😂?

This blog is more like a Chiyaguff (Tea Talk) and it might not be a fun read to you. But those moments which I am gonna share here and people whom I spent those moments with, will definitely love it.


Chiya and Chiyaguff is a very Nepali thing. Let’s say Asian. Like potato is the king of vegetables, Chiya is King of conversation. Starting from the morning hour I take 2cup of tea daily. These days Tea is a medium to kill the morning boredom while waiting for the office van at Jagati. We get to talk a lot about our family, friends, KU days, faculties😜, office and all.

The previous blog which I wrote about the importance of language, also started during our chiyaguff. In these two years only, tea at different places with different people have helped each other in sharing our progress. I personally never talk about the work stuff during my chiyaguff. Instead, we talk about what’s happening in our life. During chiyaguff we share about the things that we are learning, the things that are troubling in life.

Always having someone around like a friend, a senior, a teacher, a family member during the tea time is a blessing. Because regardless of the busy work schedule and taking a short break by having a cup of tea alone in the nearby teashop, having tea and a puff of cigarette alone in the tea shop is a sad life.

Although sometimes there is a different taste in having tea alone in some teashop where nobody knows you. I rarely go for tea alone. But when I’m having tea alone means that I am lost in my deep thoughts. Either I’m thinking about making some decisions or thinking about the decisions that have been made in the past.

These days the chiyaguff me and my friend Pranish have are too much geeky. We talk about electronics and computer science sometimes. Not the course syllabus and such theories but we talk about some ongoing research sometimes and some discoveries. We talk about mathematics and it excites me. I listen to him most of the times actually 🙂 Even when we are talking about music we share the stories behind that music. A Pulchwok Guy and a KU Guy when we two are having a conversation, I realized that both of us are always exploring different things online. That’s the reason which makes our conversation new and interesting all the time.

These days Chiyaguff with Punte, Bigyan Dai and Yuvaraj Dai is missed badly. Every single day after having our lunch at the office, we used to go to a Dairy nearby and have a cup of tea. I have known them since the beginning days at Verscend. And we are more like brothers and colleagues. (Shh! None of them are working at Verscend. There is something more…Shh) We used to share each other’s progress in life. Most of the time they guided me and helped me to refine my decisions. Brothers’ if you are reading this we need to catch up again and have some more chiyaguff.

Back at home, I have my bunch of stupid brothers and friends with whom we do our chiya guffs. It’s either at Gautam, Charikote, Dunot Pasal or tea chop below the NIBL Branch, Banepa. Like the three seniors I mentioned above, my junior gang is also important Chiya parties. They are chiya party cum friends with whom I have shared my secrets.

Well, I guess I won’t stop writing about chiyaguff if I continue to remember the past moments. Because there are many more. So saying this I am wrapping up for today:

Chiya and ChiyaGuyy is my way to Witness each other’s progress. So If you did read this article till the end, ping me for a ChiyaGuff and we will continue having a warm cup of tea.

PS: This article is a part of my Daily Writing Commitment. Please find other blog articles on my site: Also, provide your valuable feedback such that I can feel motivated and also improve myself at the same time.

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