“Mero2Paisa” A Quality Podcast is Grooming in Town. Might Wanna Checkout!

I grew up listening to Radio and FM. I have already shared my journey with FM of my mamaghar in my blog mamaghar-and-nostalgic-memories. I think where would our journey of podcast lead if we had continued TechCast back in 2017. Anyways today’s blog is not about my love and interest on Podcast it’s about “Mero2Paisa”.

Mero2Paisa” is a website, a platform for entrepreneurs  which has rich contents about the entrepreneurial journey shared by the founder Mr. Aashish Adhikari. Ashish, is an entrepreneur who owns the Coffee Shop Chain “RedMud Coffee” in Nepal. Having different sorts of life experiences, living in a hard phase of life to pulling up a happy going Coffee Shop Business he started his Podcast “MeroDuiPaisa”.

I’m listening to the sixth episode of his podcast while writing my daily blog. I am trying to wrap the blog before the podcast ends.(Too many University Assignment stuffs to complete tonight.)

Mero2paisa is a blog/podcast/platform,  you name it, it has such quality content. You can get free mentor-ship on starting business entrepreneurial journey listening from the experience of a Nepali Guy. I started following his blog when he hosted a podcast with @iihzee. I haven’t actually listened to that episode because I spent a whole day with iih at Karma Coffee talking about life, living, happiness and adventures. From there I followed Ashish and his new journey Mero2Paisa on instagram.It would be wrong to share random words about his podcasts, since I’m yet to listen all of them. I listened one “Teacher of Guru” this afternoon and am currently listening to sixth podcast. But I can bet on this that his podcast has now got a new office. The team members have increased from an individual to six people. The contents are regularly being uploaded and they are lit. With the mix of both Nepali and English language, you will not realize when the podcast ended.

Something More 🙂

Like Ashish says on his podcast that he failed third time in doing the podcast consistently. I can relate that story with me. First I tried to do podcast with a team of three bloggers at Techjhola. We did two episodes and third one never appeared. Second time again I did my solo podcast and I could only continue it to third episode. And none of them are good enough. Also during my second blog I was doing many things at the same time. I was doing my 9 hours a day job, spending extra three hours to get office and back home, I was slowly writing my blogs here and I was also learning some technical skills which was required for my job.My Zoom H1 recorder always stares at me as I enter my home. And I convince myself saying, “I will continue my podcast”. Now as my daily blog is going, I am gaining confidence on being consistent. Still it’s not enough, I am yet not able to set a timetable for doing specific things in specific time. Many things yet to master, but I am not taking things for granted. I will surely continue. Very few will read this blog but I need to share that I also want to express my journey during my days of drop out from University to the wide audience with ease. I will do it. For now there is this daily blog going and it’s day seventy five days of my daily writing commitment.

“Sooner or Later, I’ll Figure It Out”