My Tech Blog expires. Collaboration No More! :(

When I first announced my Daily Writing Commitment, seventy-seven days back in Nov 15, 2018. I have written many things about Techjhola. It was a hope to stand out as a technology blogger of Nepal. I started writing tech blogs alone in year 2016. There used to be How To blogs on Linux, Ubuntu and other Open Source Stuffs. It already had around 30,000 page views, even though the blog was written in blogger. I was hopeful that if I will consistently work on this blog, I can generate active as well as organic search traffic. Things were going good. While I was writing alone, there used to be around 50 daily traffics and most of the traffic was generated from Google. Back then I had around 3000 members on my Google Plus circle. So it was the best source to generate organic Traffic.

Than we collaborated with few other bloggers who were interested to write blogs. Few members were thinking of starting their own blog. But I suggested that for them to reach the audience which I did, i.e. 30000 page views will take at least one year. Then the enthusiasm to write blog will die in between. Because I had the experience. Techjhola was the third title which I kept on changing every time I stopped to write. It was a valid reason too. Instead I convinced them that all of us will dedicate one year in writing variety of contents, generate organic traffic, increase the Alexa rank and increase daily page views. If we will do that for one year, it will pay back next year, than we can think big. From 30000, in a year i.e. somewhere near the mid of 2017, the blog reached around 75000 page views. We were so obsessed about blogging and generating organic traffic that we used to spend atleast 20 minutes every single day to share our blogs in different communities of Google Plus.

It didn’t even continue for more than 5 months. From writing blogs to creating how to video tutorials to doing a tech podcast, we experimented every little thing. Five months we were around 6-7 bloggers writing blogs. Not all seven at some times there used to be only two people writing. Soon the blog discontinued. Year 2017 and 2018 I renewed the domain name. But now it was just a dark memory which I don’t want to take along. I want to let go another mixed experience from the past.

Somehow techjhola has influenced me in being committed to write daily blogs. I think about two things. Where would be the blog’s status if I had started writing on my own than collaborating with others? I also think how awesome it would have been if we were still doing that as a team. Both way would work and there would be a strong usebase who follow Techjhola. But now its gone. I intentionally didn’t renew the domain name. Yes any time I could resume that but it gives me dark memories a negative vibes. But Anyways, It was nice working with you people. Just want to tell you to imagine what we together could have achieved. There are only few techblogs in Nepal which we can count in our fingers. Techjhola was on a verge of being such renown blog in the country. Opportunity were approaching. Living With ICT was looking for collaboration, there was more than 500 daily page views. Damn! It’s a loss, but still thank you for this experience too. Life is not always sweet right!

So I will continue my solo journey again which I started back in 2015-16. I am happy that the daily writing commitment is going on. It’s seventy-eights day I have been writing. Life is beautiful!

Hope is not yet dead and I will be consistent even though I have to travel this long journey alone. One last time. TechJhola, blogging journey with you will be missed!