Badimalika, Your Next Travel Destination in Nepal

Went through my gallery and found this short video from our trip to Badimalika Temple, Bajura, Nepal. Memories from 2018, Trekking at Badimalika, Farwest Nepal. Badimalika is a peaceful and yet to be explored destination of Nepal with breathtaking trails. The view you can see from the top of the Badimalika Peak is amazing. It is also a famous religious shrine. Although this place is not known in the cities it hasn’t been explored by most of the trekkers. We did a short tour around the temple and those landscape is mind blowing. Had an awesome flashback watching this video.

Purpose of sharing this video is to show you all how beautiful this place is. There is this small temple on top of a hill. The trail to reach the top is like walking above your own death. It is that risky. Let me show you another video which I got to capture while getting back from Badimalika:

So just imagine how risky the trails are. You can see like there are hundreds of bells. The size of bells varying in size from small to huge ones. And according to the locals the temple was built with the support of locals and army officials.

Badimalika Yet To Be Explored Destination of Nepal

I have already written a blog on our Badimalika Trekking which we did last year. This blog has almost every necessary information about transportation, stay, food, cost, time and distance etc. So I highly recommend trekkers from Nepal to go through the link and make a wonderful trip to Badimalika. My trekking partnet Yuvraj has also started writing about our  travel experience here “Badimalika Trekking-Yuvraj Rimal”. He knows the name of places in the trails pretty much than me. So you can check that out as well.

Meanwhile, it’s been sixty two day’s that I’m writing my daily blogs as a part of Daily Writing Commitment. It has been a awesome experience so far. Do go through my daily blogs and give your valuable comments and feedback.

I actually want to get ideas about how can I promote this place and take many trekkers there. Because this trekking destination of Far West Nepal has way more potential. Till now there aren’t even the road symbols, so don’t even think about tea houses. Although it is not a Pyramid of Gizza or any wonders, and it might not excite you people much. But for travelers like me who want to explore every corner of Nepal, this place is the best and equally difficult trekking destination I have ever been to.

Readers might think that I am just writing this blog for the sake of promoting my videos to get more views. That is also true. It’s a true shit. But along with the page views I also want to increase number of visitors in that rural place, where very few people have been. It’s such a beautiful places. And if you nomad travelers are looking for a escape route from all of these hyped trekking destinations, Just go to Badimalika.