Oh Wow, You are Doing Good!

A few days ago, I shared that dark and disastrous night’s experience with my friend. Since then, I was thinking if the person still exists, is happy now and is doing good in life. And today all those questions got answered and it added a huge smile in my heart. 

To write about today’s blog I should take you all back to the hostel days during high school. Whitehouse Higher Secondary School, Khumaltar year 2010. It must be the time where senior students were preparing for the board, we have completed the first year examination and classes for grade twelve was ongoing. I was a hosteller and there were nearly a hundred students at our hostel. Five different blocks for hostel only. It was a different zone, much happier days actually.

One evening after having our dinner, we were having a normal gossip among friends in our room. Suddenly I heard this aggressive voice of Palpali. The voice was coming from the canteen area. Then I assumed, “Oh Shit, Palpali has gone mad now someone’s bone is gonna break” He was shouting and saying that he needed a knife. We got scared and all of us who were in the room ran downwards. With Mahesh, Ashik, Sunil, and some other friends we ran towards the first block. Many students had already gathered in front of the table tennis court and again Palpali dai was shouting. I noticed the window glass was broken and Palpali was in front of the room. Hostel warden and all staffs were standing in front of the door.

Then he told, “the door has a double lock and it needs a greater force to break the locks”. Damn, Fuck, with his anger, all people around I was sure something absurd has happened or was happening. So I remember, Mahesh, I along with some friends pushed the lower lock so forcefully and started kicking and pushing the door. The door lock broke and the door was now open. But the scene we saw after that literally fucked my nerves and I was out of clue thinking how to handle it.

There was our study table in the middle of the room, above it was a hook to hang the ceiling fan. In between that table and the ceiling hook, our college tie was choking a person and that person’s leg was shaking extremely with pain. Fuck man, I’m having goosebumps even to write it. Feels like that happened just yesterday.

Hostel warden was not allowing us to touch the person being scared that this could be a legal issue and the scene should not be contaminated. So Palpali dai climbed the table and started to cut the tie, pushing the warden aside. He again shouted, “somebody holds the legs and push it upwards”. Then only I thought okay, the person can be saved. I then grabbed those shaking legs like hugging somebody and simply pushed it upwards. That huge body didn’t even felt like I was lifting a heavyweight. Because at that time all I was doing was looking at the knife that Palpali was using to cut the tie loose. The only thought I had was, when would the tie be cut and the person would stop choking.

The near death experience if there is any such thing than, that person got to feel it during that scary night.

I don’t remember what happened afterward. Palpali knows every bit of it. All I remember was that Palpali and other brothers came back to the hostel after an hour or two. That night Palpali walked back to the hostel I don’t know either from the BnB hospital or from Satdobato on foot. He told us that the person is now out of danger and wardens will be waiting at the hospital. A huge relief.

Many things changed after that day. Door locks of the entire hostel were thrown away. Teachers, juniors, seniors everyone started to take care of or show concern about each other. We hostelers never got much time to talk about it with each other and with the person. Everyone made sure that their room partner or flatmates were okay during the evening. But that person didn’t return college for a year. So many thoughts of that scary night. I wanted to meet the person and have a long conversation. From hostel warden and friends we knew that the person is now living with family back at home.

Yesterday, I don’t know how I found one of my senior’s profile. After going through his pictures I saw the person’s picture of high school time. His profile was tagged there and with all curiosity, I checked his entire profile. Than this happiest feeling arose and I felt like,

“Oh Wow, You are Doing Good!”

There are many things that I want to talk with the person. That experience has broken my feelings instantly as well as made me so much strong. In my low times, I have gathered the confidence to fight back, fight alone just because of such incident. Still, there are unsatisfactory things of which I want the answers. But now after seeing a smile on that person’s face, I am totally happy, for the happiness that the person is giving to the family and own self.

I will keep this blog article until the person finds it, and reads. If it makes uncomfortable finding that dark moment of life written by someone online than I will delete it immediately. I thought of writing this because I am sharing my memories through my blogs. So I thought this will be the right moment to transfer it in words and shout out loud that the person is doing great. Because that moment was a dark experience for me but it was worse to the person. I personally don’t have any right to portrait this dark memory and let it haunt someone after almost eight years. It might have cost a great deal to overcome such near-death moment. Looking at the facebook profile, today only I found out that the person completed Bachelors level studies is now works in a good office. Just saw pictures of with family celebrating festivals recently. Looks like the person is now married and has a beautiful child. So just that my memory got stuck in that timezone I wrote all these.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Wow, You are Doing Good!

  1. Dear sanjog , though i have a hectic days and lots of study stuff . I find myself reading yours blogs while i am on bed just to rejuvenate. I feel very happy to know my friend has turned out indeed to be a writer as well. Keep writing dude ! All the best you know life is so strange .There were alots of my time i had with u during my school days and i badly miss them. When i go through your writings i just wonder what was the mess that just made us have that communication gap and we are not into regular contact. Anyway happy for you man ,go one and its my promise i will always go through what you write!

  2. Mote 🙂
    The reason behind the communication gaps should be the ambition we are chasing in life. But regardless of our communication gaps, our relation as friends has never fade away. And it never will. I’m so happy for your current venture and want to say sorry that I couldn’t meet you before you headed to your Graduate Studies. Do your best my friend, like like you have been doing since the school life.

    Wish you all the best Brother.

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