Online Businesses in India, My Perspective.

We, Nepali people, are so much used to of Indian Television Programs. Minutes long advertisements have created a dirty space in our brain. Everyone is fed up with these advertisements. If you have noticed these advertisements, you must have seen following adds which promote their online businesses:

  • – This is the topmost online shopping app in India
  • Trivago – Online Hotel Booking website
  • –  Online site to know everything about Mutual Funds
  • – buying and selling of cars, resell etc.,  etc.
  • Olex or Olx – Site to sell your used products,
  • – Site to compare insurance/investment policies
  • Flipkart – Online Shopping Sites

So this time instead of being frustrated with Advertisements, I got a thought about them. And this is how it goes:

We are seeing only those online businesses who are able to pay a huge sum of money for displaying their businesses in Television Advertisement. But imagine how many online startups might be there doing small businesses. And all of them are doing good with the help of only social media. A small online business can hold up if only there are a thousand users. But India is a country with a billion population where 25% of the population use the internet. That is two hundred fifty million people are accessing the internet. Which means in every state of India and every city business persons and entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of online platforms and are doing good incomes.

Say the above-mentioned businesses have millions of users involved in their platforms. But we can imagine how many small businesses with a relatively small number of users might be running the small economy of India. Those data are not displayed in big televisions. Neither they can afford it. But this perspective gives us a basis to see the development that is happening gradually in India. The mega companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Apple are doing big size business and changing the economy of India. Also, many online small businesses are making a life of people ease and driving towards the use of Online Business.

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