Opportunity’s Final Message From Mars “My Battery Is Low & It’s Getting Dark”

On Wednesday NASA bid farewell to its Mars Rover “Opportunity”. Opportunity was initially released to he surface of Red Planet for 92 days. But since last 15 years it was  sending messages about MARS planet to the earth. The last time on June 10, 2018 Opportunity was functioning properly on Perseverance Valley. Oppy went to hibernate mode when the firecast dust storm swirled around it.

Since that time NASA command center has send more than 1000 recovery commands with the hope to wake Oppy up. The dust storm took months which caused difficulty in Opportunity observing energy from son.

All the message sent from Mars were in form of packets of digital signals. The final message Opportunity sent back to the base which exactly meant “My Battery Is Low & It’s Getting Dark”. NASA also performed a funeral of “Our Beloved Opportunity”.

A robot which was supposed to be on the surface of Mars for just 92 days stayed there exploring for 15 years. Definitely it was a huge opportunity NASA got in terms of scientific evidence of MARS.