Orientation Classes are always Interesting. MTech. IT 2018, Kathmandu University.

“Always been a last bench student, but never missed the first class of orientation”

Schools never had the orientation classes. On the first day at school, the subject teacher used to highlight the chapters only. S/he would describe them in brief, compare what’s changed from last year. Then we would learn at least some part of the first chapter. But high school was different. I studied at WhiteHouse High School, Khumaltar, Lalitpur. There my seniors organized welcome program which was awesome. Later, the subject teachers did a good orientation. I studied science so Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry were the core courses. The Physics lecturer, Dr, Ajay Kumar Jha asked us this question “Should the Pressure Cooker of your house blow the whistle while cooking food?” That question was funny and had a good lesson to learn. The maths teacher shared how the three-dimensional coordinate system is important for army soldiers in launching missiles, The Lecturer who taught us Calculus gave a simple example of limit and derivatives. He started with a theorem and explained the incremental approach to derive the limits. And at the end of the class, he said, limits, derivatives, Integrations, Transformations, will never leave you in your future. And yes, he was right, they never did! Science is all about, statistics, linear algebra, number theories, derivatives, and integrations.

Orientation classes of Bachelors Studies at Kathmandu University: well it’s hard to remember all of them. Because we study different courses related to computer science and engineering. Not only the core computer science courses, but we read the fundamentals of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Environment Engineering. Lecturers and professors in their first classes shared the experience of teaching Undergrads, how much their course meant for us during the undergraduate and in real life. I remember Asst. Professor Manoj Shakya, explaining to us why C & C++ are the only programming subjects that are taught to the Undergrads. He used to say that we will make our students prepared for industry by teaching them the core programming concepts. Well, I struggled all my undergraduate in programming but yes he was true about what he said. The basics that we learned about Object Oriented Programming creates a strong base for programming in different languages. Also nobody programmes in C++ in the industries. C#, Java, Python, JavaScripts are the rules but they themselves are ruled by the Object Oriented Programming concepts. Professor Manish Pokharel, while teaching Cloud Computing shared his experience of Ph.D. at Korea. He shared his daily one hour of programming practice helped him to get the research works done. Likewise, the stories and life lessons which we got from Professor Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar during the Graph Theory Classes were inspiring. Dr. Kanhaiya Jha’s knowledge sharing about the number systems and many mathematical problems increased this zeal in mathematics. 

Yes, classes are always important, but the orientation classes are special. That’s why the orientation class for MTech. IT was something I wouldn’t miss. Therefore, I took a day off at my work and attended the orientation. 

This time the orientation was being given by the same faces. They are all my respected faculties who guided me in the undergrad. But this was the orientation for graduate studies. In international universities, if one misses the orientation he might miss the graduate studies too. The faculties gave us an introduction about the masters program, research opportunities, scholarships, Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant programs. I personally didn’t get the right individual to ask my question.

We get to meet our new friends. Altogether there are fifteen candidates selected for the Master’s program. I met some individuals during the interview session but today almost11 candidates were present. We three friends, Aakash, Arun and I being the alumni of KU, gave a tour of the University. It was the first time I myself did the complete tour of the KU Corner. So these bunch of boys and girls are gonna be the bench partners, project partners, for two long years. I wish all of them are not only bookish but also fun-loving, think broad and are active in participating in different events in the upcoming days.

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