Patriotism and What I can offer!

Well, I will contribute none. All I can do is the following things:
I have my PAN registered. I’m working on a company and paying 15% income tax to the government. Daily I’m paying 40 rupees to reach my office. In every bigger buy, I ask for the VAT bills. I did vote in the last election. I studied my school, high school and bachelors in Institution of Nepal(private and community-owned). I’ve no plans for going abroad for employment.

But what do I get in return?

I pay the taxes but my government doesn’t utilize it properly. Budgets allocated 100% at the beginning of a fiscal year are almost collapsed by tiers of corrupt individuals. And the amount that remains is then used for construction at the last month of the fiscal year.

In the developed country the Government returns your tax at the end of a year if it is not utilized, the tax is reduced for those days when you are sick and off work, the government provides healthcare facilities for children, provides loan for education, housing, and even investment loans. The list goes on if you learn about what rest of the countries pay back to their citizen.

So think why should be a patriot. Before that, the Junge Pillars at the borders of INDIA-NEPAL are shifted towards Nepal. Neither Government Police officers nor the parliament dares to question India, taking action is a daydream. The 10 Gaja No Man’s Land where nothing should be built or even tampered, India has constructed road and bridges. You only listen to the news where politicians give bhasanas about sovereignty, patriotism, nationality, and dignity of a country. .Not bad. Let it be bluff but at least they are smart enough to earn you fools vote and make you realize about patriotism.

I would say, do your part. Start small, take credit for your work but also acknowledge and follow the government. Pay your tax being a responsible citizen. You have invested the first quarter of your life in study. So next quarter works harder. Earn enough such that you can live your dream. Don’t be a fool patriot and run in riots carrying corrupt leaders’ party flag. This is the trending patriotism which Netas show us and your blood gets pumped up. Fool, such a fool you are, I am, all of us are. Don’t yell BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL and kick a Bihari citizen’s Panipuri Thela.

Be an educated patriot. Share good about your nation to your friends and colleagues. Share it online, the good examples like the tech startups, young entrepreneurs and their contributions. Even a small contribution can be presented online and throughout the world. Seek such opportunities and make #NEPAL well known in the world as the peace and prosperous nation. Speak wisely with our neighbor brother and sisters. Don’t call every dark-skinned person a bhele or a Dhoti. try to embrace them as our brothers and neighbors. Follow the rules that traffic, government, and private organizations have set for us. They are for our own good.

Travel enough, help to grow the country’s economy. Explore places and share it on your social network. Invite foreigners. You know that Nepal has a great potentiality in the Tourism industry. Promote Nepali Products and help local business boom. Don’t fuckin wear an international brand and say I’m a patriot. (NO OFFENCE)

Do whatever you want. But trust me I’m not a patriot. I’m legally a citizen of Nepal. I work for a living and pay tax to the authority with the expectation that they will provide a better facility for me. I travel to explore and as a return, I’m helping hotels and shops earn some money. I share pictures on Instagram with huge hashtags of #NEPAL. Not that I’m a patriot because I want people to know about the place I live and grab their attention is adding Nepal in their bucket list in years to come.

Again NO OFFENCE. I’m not Patriotic.