Pemba and The Notorious Monk from Lukla

Yesterday I shared my surprise encounter with my Mama at Namche Region in this blog: “ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए”, Meeting Your Fav During a Solo Travel to Namche. Lukla Tour has not only given a single memory but many sweet memories. Although now it’s been almost three years but the memories are now fresh. Pemba should now be reading at High School, somewhere in Kathmandu. Let’s flood the memory in words.

Tiwari and I reached to Lukla on third day of continuous trekking from Phaplu. Reaching to Lukla we were searching for hotels, first that was cheap, second that would not take sleeping charge for Nepali visitors. Everest Base Camp is the most known and busiest commercial trekking spot of Nepal. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year for doing trekking to EBC and also doing the Everest Summit. Friends had told us that in most of such commercial trekking, hotels generally didn’t charge Nepali travelers. We found one, got fresh and went down to the hall which was warm with the central heating system.  The hotel we stayed is somewhere on the left side which can be seen in the picture below.

Lukla, Nepal, March, 2016

HeNN Elibrary Project Again

We introduced ourselves as University who were there for a Monitoring down in a School of Salleri. We were students, but the owner of the hotel “Didi” called us as Sir. She told “सहरबाट सरहरु आउनु भएछ”( Teachers from City are here) to her daughter Pemba. Didi talked with us for some time and we shared our work, why we were there. She was happy for having us. She described about the school there. There was one school where her daughter was reading.

Pemba The Sunshine!

Pemba studied in class eight while we were there. After her mother told about us, she was excited to meet us. She was a cute and chubby kid with red cheeks. Imagine how a kid born in the Himalayan region look like. They look adorable with smile on their face. Such was Pemba. She showed a picture that was hung in the wall. It was of her father who is a mountaineer and owns a mountaineering expedition company. He has don the Everest Summit and different mountains nearby working as the crew Sherpa. She was excited about adventure. She told she wanted to go to the Base Camp but her father didn’t let her due to her age factor.

There were a Korean Family  living at the hotel who did their EBC trek. One of the tourist was an artist and drew Pemba’s portrait right away. You can see the blush on Pemba’s face for receiving such a valuable gift.


Pemba and Her School

She was a interactive kid and asked us so many questions. We started to talk about her school and she explained it in a funny way. She told that most of the teachers don’t teach well. There was one Bramhin sir, Bahun Teacher as she told us who taught nothing. They had computer in their school but they would get very few chance to explore. But having WiFi facility in her house, Pemba knew many things happening around.

We asked what subject was hard for her to learn. It was Mathematics. Then she brought her math paper she had recently  appeared. She later said geometry was hard for her. Like I always teach this one simple thing to kids when it comes to Geometry. I taught her how to remember alternate, corresponding and vertically opposite angles. I drew a huge HashTag yes # and taught her X as Vertically Opposite, F as corresponding and Z as Alternate Angles. She was a good learner. She later said ” School teachers never teach this way giving examples”. Recalling such moments gives immense joy in my heart.

Now comes the Notorious Monk

In Mongolian Family specially Lamas there is a culture that one family member should join the Monastry. This process is widely followed by Buddhist followers. There is a Monastery just a few meters down  from their house. Pemba’s Brother has joined the Monastery as as monk. I got to meet the Monk too. I stayed at their hotel both time while I arrived to Lukla and came back from Namche. So at one time he was there. He didn’t interact with strangers much but with his mother and sister Pemba, he used to enjoy.  He was a notorious monk, playing with his sister, beating her and having fun always.

Sandesh Dai Visits Pemba A Year Later.

It’s not that I forgot Pemba and her family. Trekking to Namche was my first ever solo travel experience and Mount Everest itself is a wonder to see. Pempa had told that books are brought in her school via Flight and even Government Books were hard to afford there. I wanted to help but couldn’t help her. Then my dear brother from White House HighSchool planned to visit  EBC. Back in 2016 before his EBC Trek he has completed almost 60+ districts of Nepal. I messaged him on Instagram saying “If you will stay at Lukla, Please visit Pemba’s house and give her a chocolate on my behalf” He was already trekking to the Himalayas, though I was optimistic.

And suddenly I get these pictures from him. Just imagine how happy one can be living with small moments of bliss.  I couldn’t meet him and say thanks in person. Now he is pursuing his academic career abroad. Again via this blog I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this joy.

Next time soon, I will be traveling to Lukla for trailing to the Base Camp. I will be again visiting her home. Now she might be studying at Kathmandu, but it will be fun to be there again.

Pemba and Sandesh
Notorious Monk and Pemba










Life is Full of surprises and awesome moments. All we gotta do is to cherish them. With this here ends the eighty- second day of my daily blog writing commitment. I am optimistic about making it a hundred days and even more. Gonna be a new milestone in my blogging journey.