Lets Call it as my first ever Podcast “InfiniteCast E01”

Finally, Google Podcast has indexed my podcast feed. With this, I’ve made up my mind about creating something meaningful. But sadly I was unable to select any particular topic to begin from. But at the same time, I didn’t want that previous raw file to be on air. So I began the first episode with some introductions and my passion for listening to FMs as well as podcasts.
I know it’s bad with many background noise. But And I’ve talked about it in the podcast too.
Next episode will be meaningful( I will try my best).

Here it goes:

The sound is low and seems like I did because someone forced me to. But nooo. I did it coz I want to and as now I have no idea what to speak about. But I’m not always like this 🙂 I will figure it out.