InfiniteCast E01 – The Beginning

InfiniteCast E01 – The Beginning
The Beginning

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Finally, Google Podcast has indexed my podcast feed. With this, I’ve made up my mind in creating something meaningful. But sadly I was unable to select any particular topic to begin from. But at the same time, I didn’t want that previous raw file to be on air. So I began the first episode with some introductions and my passion of listening FMs as well as podcasts.
I know it’s bad with many background noise. But And I’ve talked about it in the podcast too.
Next episode will be meaningful( I will try my best).

Here it goes:

The sound is low and seems like I did because someone forced me to. But nooo. I did it coz I want to and as now I have no idea what to speak about. But I’m not alwayz like this 🙂 I will figure it out.