Big Boss’s On The Road. Dare to cross The Street!

Here comes the second incident which I was supposed to write yesterday after ATM Booth of NIBL at Durbarmarg and It’s Blunder! I have a lot of works to complete today so will be writing this quick blog and also get my things done till the end today.

After the cash withdrawal from NIBL ATM Booth, Durbarmarg, we walked back to the office via Jay Nepal road. As we were about to cross the last turning of Jay Nepal Cinema, personnel from Nepal Police stopped our way. There were like 10 people standing on the footpath. I asked what was the reason for stopping us. A Police officer answered that the President of Nepal “Bidhya Devi Bhandari” is crossing the street and as per the security concern we need to do this. Ok cool, what else can be done? We waited for about 4 to 5 minutes and then the road was finally clear. So we started walking back towards our office. 

Meanwhile, we discussed such security reasons during VIP’s entrance or travel anywhere around. Our arguments were not much conflicting. Both of us supported the security reasons because the head of a country The President was traveling in the public area. So definitely some level of security is required. When it comes to the head of state which are the VVIP categorized citizens of a county, security should be tight.


I have few arguments because of which this security concern seems unsatisfying to me. Maybe many citizens agree with me in this case. Every now and then we see news about Presidents, Prime Ministers of different countries(developed countries) walking freely on the streets without disturbing the citizens. The high ranked personnel of developed countries doesn’t require such VVIP security. Yes, there is definitely security measures applied beforehand or guided behind by their security officers to make sure that there are no imminent threats. But they are walking freely, right? Don’t take me wrong that I’m totally against it. This example that I gave has happened a few times so my example just wants to add a relevance situation that can be added in the context.

Nepal is an underdeveloped country. Shh! the government might get offended by the word “under-developed”. So let’s call Nepal as a least developed, or developing country. We hold a Green Color Passport. If anybody knows about this Green, Blue, Red-colored Passports’ importance, you know our economic standard. Even if we rank the most powerful Presidents of the entire world, Nepal’s rank can be found sooner, if we count it from the bottom. But yes the head of a country means a lot of responsibilities which brings the concern about her security.

We don’t have an issue with their security and travel plans. But I agreed with Pranish’s point when he said about their timing of traveling. Isn’t it possible for them to travel an hour before the peak office hour? Cant they either invite the delegates in their office and not let the traffic get high or attend the meeting via some route where there is a low traffic or? Like there can be many alternatives, right?  

There are definitely many alternatives but I don’t know why every twice or thrice in a month citizens are disturbed by not letting us walk and drive.

So let’s settle this thing here only because whether or not it affects a country’s Citizen, those security heads are gonna interrupt our daily schedules. First thing there is already enough traffic around Kathmandu Valley and on top of that their entrance makes thing spoiled.

Sometimes even the ambulance is not let to pass. And that’s so inhumane. Being the head of a country the VIPs they should actually respect as well as prioritize their citizens first. Because the citizens’ votes made them stand in that position. Currently, the most heated news of President’s 18 Crore worth security vehicles is all over the internet. Again like the security reasons matters the most this eighteen crores of vehicles must also be a necessity. I don’t really care. But I think the President doesn’t give a damn to we people too. So she stepped inside Janaki temple wearing shoes which totally offended religious belief. The President here at Nepal is kind of Ceremonial. President is not elected via voting but nominated by the Government. And recently I personally haven’t heard about anything that came out of the President’s office. So this post which is actually a Giant Slayer Post all over the world has minimal importance here in Nepal. But the title itself falls under the category of VVIP Personnel. This means we will be standing on the streets staring the gentlemen as well as gentlewomen pass the road and call ourselves as Nepali Citizen living in a free democratic nation with liberal thoughts.

Read between the lines Guys!

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  1. On the first morning of my first visit to Nepal I was caught up in road closures like this. It was surreal seeing the main streets empty with the traffic held back by a huge police presence. I had no idea what it was for at the time. As soon as the motorcade went past the roads were opened and traffic was chaotic.

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