This Picture of Ranipokhari in Ten Year Challenge :'(


My twitter, insta and facebook feed is all filled with this hashtag of ten year challenge. #Tenyearchallenge. Nobody knows where it began. I didn’t find any worth to find the reason too. Just like the instagram’s new  story feature of Ask Me A Question & Polls, this ten year challenge is killing the internet.

Most of them are bad ass funny ones. Like these:

This photo from Bollywood movie Nayak is compared with another picture which I don’t think is a real one. In the first one Anil Kapoor takes interview of Amris Puri who plays the role of Chief Minister. And second picture is a picture of Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi.  I don’t know if that is even real. But this picture adds a great humor.

I’m not sure if this is a real comparison of the girl shown in the picture, but this is

I can fill this blog with hundreds of funny memes kinda ten years challenge. But this picture below added by some individual on Facebook made me to write this blog today


This beautiful temple in the middle of a pond is Ranipokhari. It was built by King Pratap Malla in 1670AD. His queen was distraught with grief after loss of her son being trampled to death by an elephant. King Pratap Malla then collected water from different holy places and river confluences of Nepal and India like Gosaikunda, Muktinath, Badrinath, Kedarnath. The pond was  than sanctified as a holy pond. The temple inside the pond, exactly in the middle held deity Matrikeshwor Mahadev and has a religious importance. During Chhat, Janai Purnima and other huge festivals of Hindu we can see these colorful lights and it’s reflection in the pond.

But the temple was destroyed by earthquake of 2015. It was completely destroyed and needed to be re constructed from its base. This temple used to be a center of attraction for Nepali citizens as well as foreigners. Cultural heritage like Dharahara, Ranipokhari, Kasthamandap and many more were destroyed by the earthquake. It is about to be four years since the devastation made by the earthquake. But the government hasn’t even started the construction. These historical symbols are not only some artifacts but they represent our country. So this ten year challenge picture reminded my of earthquake and all the frightening destruction it made.

That’s all about this picture. It’s the tenth year running of my School. I am SLC batch of year 2065. That is one significant thing I remember. And this is not worth posting on social media. Because this is not a funny event. It’s ten years of suffering, going different places, reading different courses and find a hard time to be pass.

It’s the fifty-eighth blog post I wrote as a part of my daily writing commitment. Check out my blogs more via the link and share your comments and feedback. Thank You.