Recalling Badimalika Trekking and some Argh! Memories

Oh No, Again on my seventy-sixth day of daily writing commitment, I am again writing about Badimalika Trekking. Badimalika, I made last year with three of my friends (Senior Brothers actually: Yuvraj, Bigyan and Rajendra Pasa). It’s has already been a year and yet again the memories are fresh. This one is most provably the third blog on Badimalika, Bajura, Nepal. Below are the first and second blog posts.

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Badimalika, Your Next Travel Destination in Nepal

@travelingnepal Here are my Travel Moments.

Looking for a video in the Youtube gallery to post it on Instagram, I checked my YouTube Videos. In the private list I saw this clip where we four were discussing some serious stuffs. I had uploaded the video but kept it as a private video. Watching it gave me the cold feelings we had at that particular moment.

“Shit happens when weather fucks up and you have know clue about how high the destination is.”

I don’t even wanna remember about our frustrated feelings of that moment. Because we were walking uphill without knowing how far the destination was. Also to add to our frustration, hailstorm, rain and snow(after few minutes) kicked us continuously for about an hour.

At that particulat moment we had no clue about how far the destination was. So being uncertain we waited few moment like half an hour for the weather to calm down. Then after we climbed little upwards. Yuvaraj was the one with high pace, so he walked up the trail to the top of a big hill which was in front of us. We had a plan that if he sees the destination from top, we would slowly march upwards. But the plan failed because he saw again another rocky hill ahead, so we had to step back.  Deep down we thought it was the end of the journey. I have a video of around 8 minutes where I have spoken my heart about not being able to reach Badimalika.

Where Did This happen?

We stepped back about an hour of downhill spent our night in a hut, plastered the holes and doors with our plastic(raincoat). Next day Bigyan insisted on giving one last attempt since we have reached this far just to see Badimalika’s beautiful landscape. From this point after walking exactly 3hours we reached on top of Badimalika Peak. There lied beautiful Badimalika Temple and the landscape was damn lit.

How Was the Trail?

Now that I have made it to Panchpokhari, Tilicho and Thorang La Pass, stepped my foot above 5416M high, I will still say that “The Trails of Badimalika and the difficulty to reach on top is the toughest experience I have ever faced.” Don’t know how many years would it still take for Badimalika to be known as a mainstream religious trekking spot! But those who have been to this beauty, are blessed to experience one of the most adventurous religious tourist destination of Nepal.

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