Research Methodologies: Research Problem Formulation an Example.

Taking a break from Learning Laravel today. CRUD operations were easily done in Laravel and the learning curve is pretty easy. We students yet have to finalize the requirements and designs of system so further development will be done in a few days. Today I’m sharing one of my assignment of course Research Methodologies. We were given an assignment to formulate a research problem with Research Topic, Problem Definition, Research Question,  General and Specific Objectives. As I am trying to deviate my graduate research in the field of Health Informatics, I chose a topic in that particular field where Application of IT can benefit solving healthcare problem.

In our research methodologies class, we discuss about open collaboration and sharing of ideas. We believe sharing of ideas will help get more constructive feedback. Those comments can help us make our ideas efficient. Also it helps some individuals to find their research topics.

Today I’m sharing this research problem to you. It would be great if it helps anyone in any aspects. My course instructor has already provided his comments and I’ve made the necessary changes. Individuals who will go through today’s blog do share your valuable feedback.

Go through the research problem formulation below and also don’t forget to check my daily blog. Today’sblog completes day sixty-nine of my daily writing commitment. 🙂


Research Topic

Developing A Model to Categorize Influences of Geographical Factors in Disease Traits.

Problem Definition

Nepal a country with variant geography has three geographical belts Himalaya, Hill, and Terai.  Differences in vegetation, weather, air, food, agriculture, etc. are some of the geographical factors. Different diseases exist in different geographical belts based upon the geographical factors. Human body’s immunity to fight against different diseases also varies in different belts accordingly. Different diseases are identified in specific regions. The recovery period of diseases can vary with people from different belts. People from Himalayan belt are less prone to the diseases that exist in hills or terai region. While the reverse may not be true. But what it has to do with the diseases, recovery period, severity caused by diseases with the patient’s geography? Do geography and geographical factors play any roles in diseases?

This research aims to analyze the relationship between geographical locations and the induced diseases. Also investigate other factors that come into play like immunity power, illness resistance etc. The research will investigate the interrelationship between them, identify all possible factors.

Research Question

  1. What factors interrelate Patients and their Geography with the Diseases suffered?
  2. What does it take to construct a model which identifies the possible influences of diseases based upon patient’s Geography?
  3. What technologies would be appropriate to validate the interrelationship between the patients and their corresponding diseases?

General Objective

  • To build a model which can analyze the geographical factors from patients’ diagnosis history and identify their key roles which are influencing the growth of diseases.

Specific Objectives:

  • To analyze the commonalities between geographical factors from patients’ diagnosis history. (RQ1)
  • To develop a method for identifying key geographical factors that highly influence the disease traits. (RQ2)