Retrospective February 2019. A Productive Month

“बेरोजगार” for a month

Let’s start the retrospective with the experience of being unemployed. People feel bad for losing their job and roaming as an unemployed. But in my case it was totally different. I quit my job for a good cause. I had to continue my academics so I left my job. But the unemployment phase was nothing but normal. I am living with my family, having good food and a cozy shelter. Totally same like it used to be before during the KU Days.

Initiation of Open Lab(In Progress)

This is something interesting project I am working on at Kathmandu University. Soon I will be doing an announcement. OpenLab is something I had dreamed during my undergraduate studies at KU. And now that I’m back as a graduate student, I requested my H.O.D at Department of Computer Science to utilize our Graduate lecture hall as a lab. Here we graduate students will do our projects after the lecture is completed. Also we will be mentoring under graduate students with their projects. Not only we will guide them in projects but we will also share our experiences we had working in different software companies. Also the tools, technologies and programming languages we used during can be new for them to explore for their semester projects. I have other different plans of involving the KUCC people at Open lab, initiating Alumni Network which could support this initiation of lab in all possible ways. Things will take shape this March.

Daily Blog Writing Commitment is Ongoing but with delays.

This February I was supposed to complete my streak of writing daily blogs to a hundred days. But it became tough for me to do so. As I started to teach at NIST college, I had to prepare lots of slides. I was taking three lectures in a week. Each lecture lasts for one and half hour. Since this is the first time I am tutoring this course, I’m making slides every single day. For teaching one and half hour, I need to spend atleast four hours preparing the course materials. So the daily blog is discontinued but also going on with delays.

Reading a Book in a Month

This is going well. I completed Steve Jobs which was not finished last month. Also I started reading Hippie by Paulo Coelho and completed it a few days ago. Reading Steve Jobs was awesome. Being a student of Computer Science, to read book about one of the Legend in the field of Internet Technology was definitely an awesome experience.

In the other hand, reading Hippie gave me an unsatisfactory feeling about the Author. Coelho’s books such as Eleven Minutes, Alchemist, Adultery were mind refreshing. He presented those books in an interesting ways. Those books were easy to read and also gave a good taste of fiction. With this impression, I chose Hippie for February. The name Hippie is so cool. I know many things about Hippies and the trend of their travel to India and Nepal like twenty years back. So I thought the book would be so wonderful to read. But I found it a total composition of unnecessary pieces of stories that occurred in different countries. I will write what I felt about it in a separate blog. But with this novel I found Paulo Coelho as next Chetan Bhagat!

Tutoring a Course at NIST College Banepa

I quit my job on 17th of January and the student mode was going full on. Exactly after a month and one day, i.e. 18th of February I started tutoring a course to seventh semester CSIT students of NIST College. NIST college of Banepa is an extension of NIST, Kathmandu. I’m currently tutoring this course CSC-402 Internet Technology, which is the abstraction of our Computer Networking course. So I am having fun in teaching the syllabus to these young group of students. While I’m learning five different courses at KU, I’m also teaching. This learning and sharing experience is wonderful.