Retrospective January 2019. Many things went well this month :)

This month I quit my job but the way I used to work is still similar. During my work days, it used to be a nine hours of work every five days in a week. Now those working hours are converted to attending lectures, projects, assignments and presentations. It takes equal time, or sometimes even more while doing the project. All two years, me and my team Rubix followed Agile Software Development. We followed Scrum rituals as a part of Agile Development. It will be a boring blog to write about what Agile is and how we worked in Scrum. But this method is an important takeaway from Verscend to my personal development and also in software project management of my University Project.

University Project in Scrum Way

We are assigned to build a Student Information Management System and I’m trying to mend the software development in the Scrum Way. We are using GitHub for source control management, for project management and are also doing regular meetings. Yes the daily standup is not possible to perform since we meet only three days in a week and those three days are fully occupied with lectures.

Scrum in Software Development

Agile in short means Iterative Increment. In software development three measures of Scrum defines the progress and impediments of a project. They are Demo, Retrospective and Planning. With regular planning session which happens in the beginning of a sprint we can estimate tasks that we can do according to our capacity. Demo happens anytime in between the sprint whenever a user story is completed. Demo can happen even if the story is not completed but some workable product is build. Retrospective is a way of visualizing the overall state of a project. During the retrospective we keep track of things that went well, things that didn’t go well and things that needs to be improved or mitigated.

Agile is not only a term used in Software Engineering for building software application. But instead it’s a culture which enhances your productivity, if you follow it in a well planned manner. So I am comparing my personal day to day life that I’m doing with my goals. Goals can be short term as well as long terms. I’m not sure if I can deviate fully into being a agile practitioner but I will at least try. Because I know the Agile Way is a robust way for work efficiency.

My Retrospective This January

To be true there aren’t any far sighted plans of mine. In real life plans don’t go accordingly like that of Software Development.Ā  But still I believe that one should always have short term as well as long term goal. My short term goal for two years is to give my best in Masters Studies. This will add a great value in being a Researcher, which is a long term goal. Now lets drill down to the activities that I accomplished, are yet to accomplish in this month of January.

Quit My Job!

January 17, 2019, I quit my job at Cotiviti Nepal. I worked there for two years six months and twenty-three days. First chapter of my professional life took a break this month.Ā  Now that I am unemployed this is a bad thing. I have limited amount of money and will have to figure out other income generating opportunities.

Started MTech in Information Technology at Kathmandu University

Did my admission at the last week of December 2018, but I should say masters started this month. All class are running in a rapid pace. Joining MTech is a good outcome or say it’s the reason behind quitting my job which paid me a good amount šŸ™‚ I must say it’s a best decision I have made in my life. If I will give my best this two years, there are more opportunities which I can compete for my good future. But if and only if I will give my best this two years. I’ve already written many more things about my masters study in this blog already so that’s it about MTech.

Daily Blog Writing Commitment is Ongoing

With this blog post about the January Retrospective, the daily writing commitment makes a streak of Seventy Two Days. After Master’s Study this is another achievement I will remember my lifetime. This will be the best thing about my blogging journey. Along with my daily blogs, I wrote thirty three blogs. Continuing this journey is still uncertain, but the total number of days it will make, will be the best thing of my Blogging Journey. I have never been self motivated in this level. This writing habit has given me high confidence in accepting any challenges that requires consistency. Somewhere this light of positive vibes has risen which tells that I can easily beat my procrastination. So let us just wait and watch.

Something From My Fitness Band šŸ™‚

I checked my MI Band 3 to check how many days of my targeted daily walks I have covered. It turns out that I maintained my streak of walking 8000 steps in a day for 18 days. I walked one hundred and eighty kilometers this January. Looking at this statistics fels awesome when Google sends me email saying I walked 15% of the earth’s diameter list year :). So this small milestone matters a lot for physical and mental well being.


Book hub is a Nice name, isn’t it šŸ˜› I completed reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. I had started it in the month of December and only finished it in January. Same thing is happening with “SteveJobs”. I started reading it after completing the earlier book. Since this “Autobiography and Biography” of SteveJobs is 600+ pages long, completing this will be equivalent to completing three novels. As soon as I will finish this my next read will be Hippie by Paulo Coelho. I am a huge fan of the author and everyone are saying good words about the “Hippie”.


Last year total number of districts I traveled reached 41 out of 77. In 2018 I traveled about ten different districts from three small and long treks. Sadly, I haven’t traveled any major destination or new districts this January. Everyone were traveling nearby places to see the snow and play with it. But I have already been to those places plus watching snow is no more an obsession šŸ™‚ But traveling won’t stop. Stopping to traveling means no more learning and no mover living. There is no happiness without traveling.

Why Am I sharing all of my Personal Stuffs?

Learning, Sharing and Experiences goes hand on hand till the very end of your life. While people are running behind success, they fail to live their life. If we will learn to enjoy from our small successes and learn to not repeat the same mistakes again, then only we can expect big thing in life. If we will keep track of small things that we are doing to achieve our big goal, we will be aware about their uncertainties. If things cannot be taken the way we want to, then we will know it a long time ago, such that we will always be in a safe zone.

None of us want to invest our time, money and passion in something which is not going to pay us back in terms of happiness, self satisfaction and economy, do you? Obviously now. And many of us keep record of our goals in either private diaries or in their minds only. But I share it with my readers, because they can also guide me in the way I am living. Also they might find something good from my way and mix it with theirs.