Same Road For Different Dreams And Goals!

From the window glass which was almost covered by the fog, I looked at the street lights and then at the sky. This blue, bright, broad sky, all of our minds think about is dark today. It doesn’t mean it is tired or is afraid to shine its light upon us. Its goal is to wait a few days more till the earth moves away from its path. Then again slowly the earth will receive its light back illuminated by the moon. Sun and Moon they don’t have their dreams and goals. It is us who try to relate their natural phenomena as goals. Whether or not we make our assumptions they will always keep on rotating and revolving.

Every single day, five days a week, same place same work! Every day I travel the same road but things are not always the same. The bus is the same but the passengers that I’m traveling together with are not always the same. Like mine their routines are also same, I am damn sure about it. But their goals are not the same. Young, adult, old ones, everyone are on the same road. If you will take some time to wonder upon these faces, you will find that reflection. It reflects their goals no matter how small or big, they want to make it happen so bad. Back home they are responsible beings but in this reflection when they are far from their home, we see their goals. We see how loyal they are towards their goals. Fulfilling their goals is a dream for which they take this journey every single day like other people.

Here on this road, walking and traveling along with thousands of dreamers, dreams are never asked and told. So I need to keep on walking and keep my own pace. Neither chasing some other’s goals, neither copying anybody else’s dreams, I explore my path. I explore my ability, my skills, my confidence and I continue my drive. I struggle to reach a destination which guides me nearer towards my dreams. In this station, I find a map about my journey which shows me a few more destinations scattered in all directions. They show me the shortcut, pitfalls, dusty roads, and a black paved road. With all my knowledge and ability to decide I choose one seeing the best thing that lies in the end.

My paths are to reach next milestone is pretty clear but my destination is not yet vivid. I’m sitting in the last seat near the window. Rest of the travelers might think that I was not punctual so found the last seat.

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  1. Well, my path is not clear to me but I believe my fantastic fantasies and beautiful imaginations that make me dream everyday are my path makers !!

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