Dr. Shashi Tharoor MP – Britain Does Owe Reparations!

Yesterday I wrote about the Political History of Nepal by sharing an important video interview with Dr. Yuvaraj Sangraula. While watching the interview I heard the name of a Former Secretary for Government of Nepal Mr. Mahesh Banjade. Dr. Sangraula quoted his name many times during the interview. He also stated that he has cited words from Mahesh Banjade in his book “South Asia China Geo-Economics”. After that, I watched a few more video interview of Mahesh Banjade at the same program “Tamashoma Jyotirgamaya”. 

I was already feeling great knowing that much information about Nepal, Nepali Politics and relationship with other countries, Foreign Interests and all from Dr. Sangraula. But this Gentleman Mr. Banjade comes out to be another badass patriot (#nooffense). Man, he hates those FNGO’s, foreign spies, national corrupt leaders who sell information and national integrity to the foreign government for money. Being the secretary of the central government and having served different governmental departments, he shared all his experiences.

Also, he not only had information about our country but during the interview, he took examples of many countries around the world. Now I have two Political Icons whom all of us should feel proud of and follow.

During the interview, he talked about Dr. Shashi Tharoor how he boldly spoke about British Colonialism, their cruelty towards the Indian citizens during the Bengal Famine. The speech was given as a part of oratory competition in the Oxford Union of Oxford University back in 2015 AD. So I again searched this and listened to it clearly.

Wow, simply wow. Man what a badass confident, educated, influencing, driving aura he carries. He put his points about the harassment, cruelty British Emperors, showed to that one million famine affected Indians with calmness but they were huge punches to the British government. While the East India Company was supposed to provide support during the famine, they transferred all the grains and food stocks to Britain as a food reserve for their country. How cruel was Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who instead of showing sympathy and helping the Indians during the famine, asked why was Gandhi still alive!

Then at the end of the video, he boldly makes the British rulers feel ashamed for what they did during two hundred years long colonialism. He speaks in for of the title and asks for the reparation. And the reparation is asking Britain to say sorry to the Indian People. And he says a reparation of one pound, every year for the next two hundred years. Haha, seriously! What could be more humiliating than that? Here money is just a number and even a begger from England can pay that. Haha, but it was like saying Fuck you Britain, you should feel guilty for all the bad you did to the Indian people and live with that shame for rest of your life!

There is more than this in this video. Dr. Tharoor has talked for about fourteen minutes. His English is mind-blowing, so take your time, only 15 minutes and watch it once. Then you will find the dark devilish autocrats rulers from the history of East India Company(England) hiding behind their white glowing face.

Hurrah, fiftieth day of writing my daily blog as a part of my daily writing commitment. A half-century, yeah :). There is a pause after every six balls in cricket which is called an over. Like that, I also took some pause in between. But yes, I wrote five freaking zero, fifty blogs since November 15, 2018. Do read all of them. It means a lot to hear from you 🙂

Cheers, Thank You and Namaste. Keep Sharing!