Small Consistent Effort Matters.

Now I’ve set my daily limit of using Instagram. Maximum time for using Instagram is 1 hour. It was needed and yesterday only I found out that there is a remainder system for usage time.


This picture is from Instagram story I saw yesterday shared by one of my follower. This is a fascinating result isn’t it? This is mathematically beautiful. Square of 1 is one, its cube is also one. 1 squared to any highest possible number is 1. But with a little increase in the value we can see the vast change in its power result.

But math is not what fascinated me. There is something meaningful in this result isn’t it?

The image quotes “doing nothing at all Vs making very small consistent efforts“. This is what I stared for quite a bit of time. It motivated & inspired for continuing my blogging thing that I’ve been doing since last November 15, 2018. I have already failed to be consistent on what I’m doing. But I’m now devoted towards my passion. No matter how many days of gaps it creates in writing daily, I get back next day back to my laptop. Then I start writing whatever ideas, rants, thoughts pops up in my mind. Sometime I go with my heart too 😉

Even when I start writing, I get out of focus. Everybody does, else that three hours long question paper would be completed withing two hours. Today it’s eighty-ninth day of my daily blog writing. Now I can’t call it my daily writing because this week the daily writing took few brakes. Due to some serious priorities I couldn’t make the continuous streak . But then it’s not gonna stop for me to write blogs. Because it’s the passion and this should always be alive.

If I have to recall the day 1 when I announced that I will be writing something daily I didn’t imagine I would make it this far. Eleven more days i.e. eleven more blogs and I can fold a chapter entitled with 100 days of daily blogging.  I will definitely make it, so all the feelings, let’s keep it safe for the 100th day.

Yes with comparison to the above picture, I am so pleased that I am adding a consistent value in my life. This is small, negligible or say not even a commendable thing. But for me this is the first ever milestone I have covered with a consistent effort, patience and dedication. This is something I can share with those who are looking for a head-start.