“Social Media In Business” Interactive Audience from BBIS, KU

Daily blogging has stopped due to these interesting stuffs too 🙂 Gradlife at KU is all about making presentations. But this was for a workshop which went well 🙂

आजकाल पाना भरेर लेख्न बस्ने समय छैन्। समय यसरीनै प्र्जेन्टेसन् बनाऊदै बितेको छ हनुमान् जी 🙂

All credit goes to my respected Khagendra Acharya Sir. Some weeks before he asked if I could present on this topic “Social Media In Business”. It was an interesting topic to present. For the first time my teacher asked me something, so how could I not do that 🙂

The presentation topic was “Social Media in Business” and the audience were from BBIS undergraduates of Kathmandu University. Here is the link of the presentation slide that anyone interested can look into:

Social Media in Business

The entire presentation session went well for one and half hours. The audience( my juniors) were interactive throughout the session. Presentation’s first objective was to highlight the need of making a good digital presence. Than I presented some use cases of all Nepali individuals and businesses who are using social media in their business. You can find examples of @Abinbho and how his skills got a larger platform after making the introductory videos of MISS NEPAL2018.

Next I gave example of Explore Gadgets which is a popular gadget review youtube channel. Reason behind presenting this example was that “Sohil Shrestha” a friend of mine from Kathmandu University is actually a team member of Explore Gadgets.

I thought giving example of alumni from KU would motivate them in starting their small business. At the same time, how could I miss Aakar Anil and Mukesh Chaulagain who are some established bloggers of Nepal and our respected Alumni.

Later I presented the rising youtube channel of Nepali Travelers “Ghumante”. Ghumante started their journey as individuals traveling on their own expenses and making videos. But now they are a team and have a good number of subscribers on Youtube. Social media is helping them in making a strong digital presence in Nepal as a group of aspiring travelers. Here too, Khim Bahadur Chhetri (Khim Vai) an Alumni from Kathmandu University is a part of the team.

I presented them example of Radio Nagarik and how they are utilizing the Youtube’s Live Streaming platform in their FM programs. They are redefining the taste of listening FM to watching live. Than I added a growing business “Littlethingsktm” which uses Instagram as a platform in promoting their products that are available in their store at Jhamsikhel.

The Most motivating and wonderful example I presented today was the story of  a Quoran :Divyansh Mundra. A guy who loved writing books answered his first question on Quora.com back in 2015. He answered on the topic how one can write a book. Later in October of 2017 his book was published in Amazon and it became, Amazon’s bestseller.

There are some more examples which you can watch in the link that I provided above. Overall it was an interactive program. I got to see so many new faces and interact with them. Few years back I used to be the same confused listener listening to the speakers. I’m sure many of them have no clue about what’s gonna happen in next three years after they complete their bachelors. I told them I also went through the same phase sitting in same bench like you guys did. But if you have any idea in your mind that this is the high time to begin. In next three years you can have that confidence of of starting your own business which could give you a level of satisfaction and also some money.

I ended my presentation saying that if in case I get to add another example in a few years which would be some blogs/blogs/business/website run by anyone of your present here today, that would be the best thing.