Some of the AI Pioneers, The Canadian Mafias of Silicon Valley

Wow! An Article was published in July 2015 at RECODE which introduced some of the AI Pioneers of Silicon Valley. The articles called them the “Canadian Mafias “ of Silicon Valley, which was fascinating.
Based on the story I am highlighting the players in Today’s AI. They may be already listed in some answers but this answer happens to be a profile sharing in curiosity.

  1. Tomi Poutanen
    CoFounder and CTO of Milq.Inc, Tomi Graduated did his Dissertation on Neural Network from the University of Toronto.
  2. Geoffrey Hinton Instructor of Tomi Poutanen and also known as the Godfather of the neural network is one of the first researchers who demonstrated the use of generalized backpropagation algorithm for training multi-layer neural nets. He is an important figure in the deep learning community.
  3. Yann LeCun and Yoshua Bengio and Hinton were three visionary Researchers who continued their research on Neural Networks in their own labs even in the demoralizing AI WINTER were going on.
  4. Rob Fergus Associate Professor at NYU former LeCun colleague is working as Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research.
  5. Juergen Schmidhuber, a Swiss AI researcher also know as a vocal critic of the Canadian Mafias has generated many Researchers in the field of AI.
  6. Terrence Sejnowski, Terrence’s pioneering research in neural networks and computational neural science, have made him a living legend. Dr. Sejnowski is an investigator at Howard Hughes medical institute and the Francis Crick professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies where he directs the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory. Above and beyond all of that Dr. Sejnowski is also in the elite group of only ten living scientists. To have been elected to all three of the national academies, in engineering, science, and medicine.

PS: The answers were expected as heroes of AI, but all heroes I mentioned above belong to the Neural Network and Deep Learning. Actually, these are the major branches of AI which have already shifted the working environment & efficiency of Silicon Valley.

The effects and advancement in the field of AI will soon be realized all over the world.