Statue of Sanga Mahadev, Investment But a Doubtful One!

Do you remember this place? If you have traveled east from Kathmandu Valley towards Kavre District, than you can see this tall Statue of Lord Shiva at Sanga. Sanga is boundary which separates Kavre and Bhaktapur District. On a clear day, you can see this statue right from the Sallaghari.

I’m choosing to write about this statue because, I have some skeptic and unsatisfactory thoughts about this place. As I wrote yesterday about the Statue of Unity, this topic popped up in my head. Also today and tomorrow are a little be of busy days. My team at the place that I’m currently working had this Program Increment (PI) planning scheduled. Due to some urgencies, our Scrum Master is out of country so I’m contributing my Input in performing the daily Scrum Rituals. Working in an Agile Software Development process is fun and efficient. This planning event is done till 10PM for two days to tie up with our counter parts. Product Owners and Business Analysts for our product work at the Waltham Office so we do all the planning during our evening shifts. So Let’s not focus on my work stuffs. But yes, writing daily Blog for today and tomorrow is gonna be challenging. Back to the topic now!

Scroll the blog, watch that picture again. What do you see?

Before that, let me describe about this place and how it all began. It’s not based upon facts but are based on my visit to the place and views from the locals. I live six kilometers ahead from Sanga and I’ve been there quite many times. First time when I went there was 11years ago. I remember my school friends Umesh, Anuja, Sangita, Nita and some others visited the statue after we returned back from Aashapuri. It was under construction. Before that the statue had once gone through some damages due to some engineering failures. I cannot remember that exact point now.

Locals used to share this rumor to us about the face of Lord Shiva. So don’t blindly believe it coz I don’t believe all of it either 😜. This was a construction project led by a rich Marwadi guy. Locals said that the face of Lord Shiva somewhat looks like his father’s face. ( Sadly I haven’t seen face of anyone, netither of Lord Shiva nor of that Marwadi Guy’s father 🤣🤣) So it’s not a problem for me.

But the problem actually for me are those ugly looking line of annoying haording boards. This side of Sanga Mahadev Statue which I clicked this morning simply shows the other side of this place. There were no such hoarding boards before the construction of the Statue. It used to be a black, barren, unfertile hill. But after building this statue there are like 10 big boards below the statue. Does those boards give you a religious vibes? If it does, than you too are like that same exact religious guy who built this statue. 😜

I’m not sure how is the treaty made between the land owners, government and obviously the committee which backs the Statue’s maintenance. But as an individual who daily travels that same highway and looks up to that statue twice a day without any hcoide, doe hate those boards. it doesn’t give any spiritual feelings of being around World’s Tallest statue of Lord Shiva.

Next thing to look upon are the hotel and the entrance fee to enter inside. There are basically two entrances to reach near the statue. The first one is behind the statue and second one is somewhere behind those hoarding boards that you can see in the putcute above. If you want to go from the main gate i.e. the one behind the statue, you are required to pay certain amount(Nrs. 100) as the entrance fee. I’m not quite sure if this is true but there are cetain disconuts on those tickets if we have lunch in the hotel that is there inside the premises. Friends have told me so. And I have never entered via that entrance because I hate paying money to someone in order to receive offerings from religious dieties. That’s disgusting! (#NoOffence)

That’s all for today. I expressed all of my doubts. I have a planning meeting to attend after reaching my workspace. I will be engaged all evening. While publishing this blog all those meetings gets published.

Thank You and Namaste!

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  1. Great blog except for few typos!
    PS: You didn’t write about the other gate!?

    1. Sorry Kiran, I wrote it from my mobile while I was traveling. The other gate is a free entrance 🙂

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