“Statue of Unity“ Indian Government’s Investment Not Expenses!

I don’t remember when was the last time I read a newspaper. The most reliable resources for News updates are the online news portals these days. During high school, we used to buy two newspapers every Saturday. One was Saptahik ‘weekly magazine’ and another was a sports magazine. And the purpose of buying those magazines was not to read news actually 😀 In saptahik we used to stalk the featured model in the middle page. While there used to be a big poster of a renowned player in the sports magazine.

Lately, I am not into following what’s happening around in the Country. So the only news that I hear are either from my senior colleagues, my father or from a few friends. My colleagues are share market dwellers. So they know every single news regarding the country’s economy and economic policies that are of their concerns. They suggest us to buy shares of different companies. And if anything has happened around my community and University, KU guys share those in their Instagram stories. So I’m not detached from the news updates but also not going through the news portals every single day. I browse the link when someone shares it online. Else news is known early morning in the office during our morning greetings.

That’s about what’s happening around within the country. International news is known via a few websites that I go through almost every day. They are Quora, medium, Reddit, Mashable and Google News. Normally I go through these sites and get to know what’s happening around the globe.

A few days ago on my Quora account’s wall, I saw a trending Question: What are your views on government spending RS. 2989 crores on a statue of Sardar Patel?
Before reading this answer,
I had no clue about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his role in Indian History of Unification. But then I was astounded reading more about him on Wikipedia. When it comes to India the first name that pops up on our head is “Bappu, Mahatma Gandhi”, right? Yes, it definitely is the name that the whole world recognizes when we start to talk about India. Like Nepal is known as Land of Gautam Buddha, India is known because of Mahatma Gandhi’s movement of unification. But I knew that Jawaharlal Nehru also did have an important role during unification. But recently Sardar Patel’s news started to appear everywhere. Then I read articles online and came to know that Darjeeling along with many small states were unified with strong contribution and commitment of Patel Sahab.

Many online articles were shared online everywhere for this reason “The Government of India spent almost 3000 Crores in constructing a single statue ‘Statue of Unity’.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the project to the commemorate colossal statue of Sardar Patel on 7th October 2010. It cost around 2989Crores, which is actually a huge amount. Looking at this number people will definitely have their biased views. I myself thought why would a government invest such a huge amount and not feed the poor or do some development project instead. I went through this answer on Quora answered by Achirman Roy, B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Institute of Technical Education and Research (2015)

What are your views on government spending RS. 2989 crores on a statue of Sardar Patel?

While people were blaming the Indian Government, this guy gave a fair reasoning answering this huge amount is an investment but not an expense.

American history is nearly 500 years old yet they have built many historical memorandums. Statue of Liberty alone has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world and has generated huge money. Statue of Sardar Patel is established in an open area of Gujrat where previously there was a small human settlement. So now the face of that place will turn in following aspects:

  1. Small businesses like hotels, guest houses, restaurants, departmental stores and many more will be established for tourists.
  2. This will create businesses to the people living nearby villages, helps them raise the economy and increase their standard of living.
  3. A countable number of security forces and their check posts will be established in the periphery. This ensures the security of that area.
  4. The number of public transportation services will increase, it will generate income via bus fare, train tickets. That will directly be collected back to the government’s deposit box.

I quickly listed these four normal points here. Imagine when thousands of people come to visit that place daily, the government will indirectly gain the return of its initial investment within a few years. Let’s say it will take ten years to get that huge amount about 3000crores back. But within that time thousands of people living nearby will be economically sound. With the amount that they earn they can invest it in either business or education of their children. A new generation of human resource will be developed in this ten to fifteen years of time.

So now I realize this is a far sighter investment made by the Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There are some leaders from opposition parties who are trying to create a fuss about this excellent project. They shared these negative message that the investment will not return back even in 40 years. They should have instead invested it in education or to the poor. Because most of the Indian citizens are farmers and many of them are uneducated, they believe what news is hyped on television. So this political strategy of the opposition party has now already failed after news of a huge number of tourists, local and international have started visiting there.

I highlighted this aspect not because I have any interest in the Indian Political Affair. Neither am I a supporter of BJP nor against Congress. But these things were pretty transparent from news and articles available online. But I’, a traveler and I have a list of several places which I want to visit. Now in those lists This statue of Unity, Gujrat is added.

And I would like to congratulate the Indian Government for establishing, The Statue of Unity. I wish Nepal will also soon create a memorandum for legends of not only politics but of different sectors because of which we are proud of our Nationality.

Wow What an ending😊😊 Thank You and Namaste.

PS:  Readers might have expected this blog to be providing some informative stats about the Sardar Patel’s Statue. But sorry guys, I am just a noob blogger and I write more about things I like than searching for stats. Please go through my other blogs to know the categories of blogs that are posted in my blog. This is the 21st article as a part of my Daily Writing Commitment. Please provide your valuable feedback such that I can feel motivated and also improve myself at the same time.