“ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए”, Meeting Your Fav During a Solo Travel to Namche.

and my Mama spoke “तिम्लाई भान्जा भान्जा भन्दा, ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए” My mama was speaking to this other guy from his crew saying Vanja. But then out of nowhere he finds me and says ” Oh, I was calling you Vanja, Vanja, but now my own Vanja is here”.

Home, Friends & Endless Memories. A Day Out With Trope Gang :)

Shit happened but we overcame with smile helping each other!

Today being among with my brothers after a long time showered all memories of joy and terror. We also talked about all these things together. Many of them who joined the last picnic were absent today. Some are busy with their work and some are living abroad. But this blog, all the memories, all of the time and togetherness we rejoice through our brotherhood is dedicated to those who were present today and also who didn’t make it. It’s you people that gives me reason to visit home time to time.

Last Day of 2018 Ended Singing Soothing Songs With Prelisa

So we decided to sing more. After both of our classes, we spent almost an hour beside the CV Raman Auditorium singing some songs. We screwed the lyrics, sorry for that🤣. We did click the video of three of them to keep the memory of this day. later we had wonderful chitchat. It was a memorable fun time I had after a long time. It was hers too because you can see her smiling while we sang those songs 🙂

Mamaghar and Nostalgic Memories!

There are many more things that I’ve captured in my mamaghar. Some of them are very secrets like reading other’s love letters :P, watching explicit contents for the first time, listening to those late night calls by pretending I am fully asleep. There are many more 🙂 and obviously, I won’t write those in details ever😜 That will be all for today and yes I am listening to the Sur Album while writing this blog. now the first thing I will share this to my mama ji all three of them!