“I am a reflection of what I do.” – Jobs

it’s not yet time to evaluate reflections. My life has still not taken a firm shape which could create a mirror of ambition and then reflect it’s result. I am a small tube of silicon ready to be heated in the furnace to create a strong mirror which won’t break in future. Such that it could reflect every action and their outcomes without any hindrance of obstacle from my heart & mind.But this one liner, I will never forget it.

Retrospective January 2019. Many things went well this month :)

Learning, Sharing and Experiences goes hand on hand till the very end of your life. While people are running behind success, they fail to live their life. If we will learn to enjoy from our small successes and learn to not repeat the same mistakes again, then only we can expect big thing in life. If we will keep track of small things that we are doing to achieve our big goal, we will be aware about their uncertainties. If things cannot be taken the way we want to, then we will know it a long time ago, such that we will always be in a safe zone.