The Lone Wolf in the Pack

Me and you, what’s the difference?

It all started as a child from my home, then the journey begins at school, high school and yet another school at the university. During the journey I made it with a pack of good friends/ cool friends/ shitty friends/ best friends, well lots of friends. Had some good times and also some bitter ones. But kept walking, well I’m still walking and yes there are friends around in my pack.

You too started as a small cute little creature loved by your family and your pack. Slowly with your growth, you started to roam around the dense forest full of other animals(friendly as well as harmful ones), hunted some other animals and made food for yourself and your family. Gradually you grow big and fierce surrounds around. Slowly you turn old prey little than you used to before.

Now you are left by your pack, you roam around alone. The same jungle that once used to be cheerful and friendly is now a vast lonely greenery where your heart feels lone. You meet people while roaming around alone which becomes a deadly encounter for humans. As the distance was pretty far, the human captures you in his frame. That doesn’t bother you as you barely noticed what the human did, you are just a lone wolf discarded from the Pack.

Here I feel like I’m a lone wolf of the pack. I’m always around people, friends, and colleagues but yet sometimes I feel like the odd man out. I’m always contributing on projects, participating in charities and social activities, travel very often, but the happiness remains only when I travel. It feels awesome whenever I travel around all alone. But after I get back to this busy life among people, working and interacting with people this feels sick sometimes.

My mind keeps wondering about things happening around, I try to keep an update of my close ones, friends, and family. But still, I find hard to fit in.

And currently one thought I imagined about you ‘Lone Wolf’ that is still in my head. And it continues.

Nowadays we live in this virtual world where we share our trust, feelings, friendship, relationship, happiness and sadness via social networks. Millions of pictures are shared every hour and a million stories lied behind it. I imagine one such story about you ‘Lone Wolf’.
The human which captured your picture in the jungle also shared it in the social network. Your picture in now portrait-ed as a big, bold fierce wolf of the jungle, a pride and happy wolf roaming freely without any boundaries and rules. People find it awesome and millions praise it, like your portrait and overnight it’s trending(Trending these days is awesome, nobody cares about the fact, but what’s trending its defined nice & cool).
But in my Imagination, I know how lonely you are and how much you miss being among your pack, the happiness you used to be back then. And I thought “ The world today pictures you as happy whatever be the reality. You are defined by the artist who captures or portraits the art from his observation. If he fails to observe the true feelings of his canvas than the world like it is today only believes the captions/ interpretation of the artist.

Very few may find the truth about what you could be going through. They will share the similar feelings about your portrait which was painted wrong by the artist. I believe I’m one of them and in my imagination, I am still finding reasons about why were you left out from your pack. But having a similar feeling of being lone in the pack, I can’t figure out if humans, most of them living in a pack, still are lonely. One of them is me. I find it hard to fit in in the pack and feel lonely. But as a contrary, I feel like living a life where I roam around into nature where I shouldn’t meet humans for days.