The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK

The journey of this book started with my trekking to Tilicho- ThorangLa Pass Circuit. Before leaving to the Gongabu Buspark, I bought it from Bhotahiti and carried it with me. The main purpose of carrying the book was to read it while having free time during bus travel and trek. But that never happened. We, five trekkers, had fun, fun and only fun. The secondary purpose of carrying a book while trekking is also to take photos. I as a traveler take photographs of places carrying the flag of my nation. I have done it in most of my treks.  But this time I did this 😜

Tilicho Lake, 4919M in the Background.

After almost one and a half months, I completed reading this book. And I completed it reading for one to one and a half hour daily for 4-5 days. Today’s blog is not about how the book is. This is something for the readers to find for themselves. All I can say is this, “while I read this book in some section I felt like wow I am being portrayed here”. Haha,  It was an interesting read. Book talks us about what things are important, what is not, what should we keep in mind as a priority and what we should not. It gives many examples of how we are living inside our Feedback Loop. Yes, you will find this word many times. And yes the word fuck is there itself in the book, so expect that a lot inside too 🤣.

Many of his stories have inspired me while reading this book. But the most important for me was when he mentioned his decision to quit everything and continue the blog and online business. he mentioned with consistency for a good time he gained good audience traffic. So again I felt like, yeah I am going through it right now. And I also got motivated that I should keep writing.

Consistency is the Key

There are many such highlighted phrases, points that are important to all of us in our life. And definitely, I won’t highlight all of them. During the last pages of this book, he says to Do Something. He writes if we fail then it’s a good sign. Because we are learning something from it. And not that we will succeed in the second time. It’s okay if we fail many times. It’s not okay to repeat the same mistakes we did last time. The ratio of mistakes we do in each attempt should decrease. In the end, success is in our hand.

MARK MANSON, can be your guru if you are seeking one. And his book can be your sutra of happiness filled with lots of Fuck words just to teach us not to give one!

Fifty-first day of my daily blog writing commitment succeeds. So like the Guru, the author of the book himself says to do something and do it always, I am also following that. Good thing it that, I did it not from the day I started to read his book. I was doing something every now and then. But reading his book and finding those lessons which I was practicing, or left some time in the past, motivated me. It made me happy knowing that I was doing good and heading a right path.

Cheers and Don’t give a fuck about everything. Learn this, and it will save you tons of happiness.