Travel like Insane keeping your Sane humanity

We travel to explore the serene nature. Lost within the tranquility, traveling helps to broaden our perspectives. Back home we all are sane humans playing our roles. We have our friends, family, loved ones & different responsibilities to whom we are loyal. Life here is normal and sane.

For a traveler, it’s a mix of both sane and insane nature. We take decisions of traveling next destination. We challenge our limit, try to push it to some extent but we are called insane beings. Yes, we happily embrace being called insane. Both titles fit our nature. In our journeys, we are more of insane but also keep the sanity, keep the humanity in helping the needful.

I have seen many such incidents where someone was in grave danger. Also got a chance to help the needful. Today I feel like sharing one incident, a bus accident that happened in Muglin-Narayangarh Highway. It all happened in the month of May while traveling to Butwal for Sheela Di’s wedding ceremony. Sudeep and I took the night bus to Butwal. It was around 3:00 AM in the morning. Sudeep and I were a little asleep, else we were awake all night on the bus. The bus was stuck in the traffic for some time when Sudeep notices something unusual outside the bus. He woke me up and we decided to check outside.


We saw lots of people in front of the scene. We pushed them and stepped ahead. There was a deluxe bus which hit the Truck‘s back. The front part of the truck was badly squeezed. The driver’s side was badly affected. We knew the driver was stuck inside. People were inside trying to lose his legs that were stuck in between the heavy metals. I couldn’t stand still outside and not help the people inside. So I went inside where there were around 6 people using a lever to push the driver’s steering.

If you are a hemophobia(scared of blood), then please skip the next few paragraphs. The summary is that I along with some other people rescued a bus driver from the scene.

With hard effort, we pulled the steering of the bus and tried to lose the bus driver. But that didn’t help. Our hands were catching small pieces of broken glasses while pulling the lever and steering. So we tried with all the energy we had. Then luckily the driver’s leg was free.

Now the next challenge was to pull him out of his seat. There were no chances of pulling him from his window. The window was squeezed badly. So we needed to use the door. We also had no clue about how badly he was injured. Blood was all over his head on the right side. There were blood spots in his neck and ears. He was crying loud due to the injury in his leg. So we did our best that we could. Some pulled him from his chair. I hold him on his shoulder and carried him out of the door. My t-shirt already had blood in it but the black T-Shirt made it unnoticeable.

After we pulled him and laid him on the ground. Then I cleaned his mouth and head to make sure that the broken glasses won’t affect him. Then I tied his head with my scarf thinking it would reduce the pain. I wanted to check if he was conscious or not. So I asked him a few questions:

Me: Are you all right?
Driver: My leg hurts and my head.

Me: How did it happen. Do you remember it?
Driver: There was a truck ahead in the turning, a tree was falling and I couldn’t control. 

Me: Where did you come from?
Driver: Dang

Me: Is anywhere else paining? Chest, head anywhere?
Driver: Only head and leg

With these Q&A, I assumed he is conscious and might not have any deep head injuries. After that soon the authorities arrived. They requested a jeep to take him to the hospital. So I inquired in the public asking who was the staff of that bus. The supporting staff answered and we told him to go with him.

After saving the guy the roadblock was clear by the police and we got to move ahead in about one and a half hours. Now there was no way that we could sleep because of seeing such a terrible accident. This was the riskiest scene I saw in my life. But being able to save a life gave a blissful feeling. This is something I cannot explain in words. Attempting to explain would only add some more confusing words in the blog.

We, travelers, do all these stuff: Traveling, exploring, learning, saving lives, helping people and yet our thirst of exploring is insane. We are insane humans with sane humanity.

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