Traveling Nepal: Badimalika Travel log and Itinerary (In Short)

In the last week of April we team of four trekkers Yuvaraj Rimal, our enthusiastic tour guide :P, Bigyan Shrestha, Rajendra Shrestha and Sanjog Sigdel(me) did our trek to Badimalika, Bajura, Nepal.

We started our Journey from Kathmandu via Flight to Dhangadi. So I will try to list all necessary information in short and in points below:

DAY 1:

KTM — DHANGADHI via Flight Buddha Air(Flight Ticked was NRs.4900. We Reached Dhangadhi Airport at around 10:00 AM. Then we took an E-Scooter to Dhangadi Buspark( The new one, price: NRs.100). We couldn’t catch the bus immediately due to the nationwide protest of Bust Agencies against the government for the ban in syndicate in BUS ROUTE and license issues.

We finally found a bus which was going to BAMKA Bajar, Bajura at 4:00 PM.
So We reached to BAMKA next morning at 8–9 AM

DAY 2:

Bamka Bajar is small but you can find a place to have food(Chowmein, Samosa, egg, curries, and rice)
Trekking starts from here only. From BAMKA BAJAR we need to cross a suspension bridge and climb straight upwards to KAILASHMANDAU. Now there are four wheelers zeep available which takes you to the top and saves your 2–3 hours of climb. It will cost you 400 rupees for the zeep, but mind this, it is totally worth it. We had to climb half of our ride via foot and we were already exhausted due to the heat and dry area of the sal tree.

Reached to Kailashmandau at 11:00 AM. Then we took lunch (Dal Bhat tarkari, Chicken) which cost around 150–200 rupees.

We started climbing upwards at 01:00 PM. For the first day, we walked till 6:00 PM. Since it started raining we had to ask for shelter in a hut.

That is BAMKA Bajar

DAY 3:

We started to walk at 6:00 AM and crossed almost 70% of ride that day. In between, we need to cross Nateshwor Temple which is a big one. Then we can see small huts where farmers start to graze their sheep and buffaloes.
Routes are not much confusing but whenever we had confusion we called Man Bahadur Aidi’s Elder brother and asked for the route. Man Bahadur Dai is Yuvraj Dai’s friend from his college.
At around 03:30 PM we reached a location whose name was not known to us. It was heavily raining, snowing and also the hailstorm was showering without mercy. We had a huge cliff to climb. We were not certain about the final destination(Badimalika) and how many hours was remaining to reach there. We could be stuck in the middle of the cliff and couldn’t even find a place to settle our tent. Yuvraj Dai climbed that huge hill which was in front of us. And sadly even he couldn’t see anything else in front except another huge hill. So we back out that day and settled down on a hut that night.

We had made our mind of quitting the journey to Badimalika and head towards Khaptad.

Kailashmandau in the background and our Guide Yuvaraj Dai( Guide chahi hamile banaideko)


Next morning Bigyan dai said, why don’t give it a try for one more day. And in case we failed to reach the destination than we can easily walk downhill and finally head to Khaptad. So we walked uphill early6:00 AM. But after 2 hours of climbin,g we were so exhausted and hought it was a wrong choice we made.
But finall,y after 4 hours of walking from the old hut we reached BADIMALIKA. That excitement of reaching to the top of a hill at an altitude of 4200M was aweinspiring. The destination is just magnificant.

We took picutres, walked around to observe the view, worshipped Malika devi and Lord Shiva and also took rest. After worship we took our morning diet.

Good thing about that place is we were able to make phone calls at times while climbing uphill :). This is how we got to explore routes calling the local down in the village.

After 2 and half hours of staying there at the top we headed towards, Triveni Dham

Now you will find a unique landscape. The locals call it PATAN and the route is very very confusing. Down below the Badimalika, there is a place called Bishnumuhan and we can find water there. Take enough amount of water while beginning your trek on DAY 4 because all those uphill you climb from the morning there isn’t any places to get water. The only place we backed out had a small stream from where we filled our belly and bottles.

We were already late in our journey so with confusions and irritiaion of some sorts, we reached tribeni dham at around 6. We didn’t make it to the Tribeni Dham. Only Pasa(Rajendra) and Yuvaraj made sure that we were nearby the temple. Meanwhile, I checked the hut and started collecting woods for heating the hut.

Note that after crossing Kailashmandau there won’t be any tea houses or even anybody to guide you. You are on your own and if you fail to find the way you will be doomed.


Early in the morning we reached to the Tribeni Dham and hug around one hour. We worshipped the dieties and after that took our diet for the morning.
I personally didn’t want to walk back the same trail because I wanted to explore more of Bajura Districs. Locals have instructed to return via Martadi which was about two days of trail downhill. But we had no idea about the map and we decided to return back the same trail.

We started returning back on the afternoon of Day 5. So that day we crossed about 80% of our trail. Starting from 8:00 AM in the morning we walked till 7:30. We were about 2 hours far from Kailashmandau where we started our treck. It was pitch dark and there was a hut in the way. So we didn’t took chances on walking more. our feet was already paining as fuck. Damn! But it was one hell of a walk. Since we new the trails we pushed ourself back.

Badimalika Temple, Bajura, Nepal


On day 6 we reached to kailashmandau after walking for about 2 hours. At Kailashmandau Aidi family were waiting for us. We ate Rice after 3 threedays in their house. We did rest there for almost 2-three hours. Then we walked down towards Bamka Sahar. This time we didn’t find the jeep. As we had enough time we walked slowly.

Again the Syndicate issue and the strike was not done. So we became the victim again. We waited and waited and waited for a vehicle to DHANGADI. But we got one only at around 5PM. All day was wasted.

While we started our journey we were stuck due to the syndicate issue and wasted the whole day waiting for the bus. We couldn’t decide the route and fall back to the hut on Day 3. It was only 3:30 and could have easily reached to the top. Another day was wasted waiting for the bus. On day 6 we just waited for the bus the whole day. As two to three days were wasted waiting for the vehicle, we had to quit our next destination “KHAPTAD”
But no regrets at all. Badimalika is simply heaven and those who have been to both destination can possible tell that I’m damn right 🙂

That was all for the treking. The trails were way much difficult than we could even imagine. It is one of the riskiest trail that I’ve made so far.
During the trail, there won’t be any additional expenses so major expenses were occured for flight ticket both ways from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi and back.

Due to the strike we wen’t to Dodhara Chandani bridge, the longest bridge of Nepal(about 1.6KM Long)


Bus was still not running so we thought it would be wise to take the air ways. Ticket was booked by Bigyan on Day 6. But we went to the airport expecting we could get space for three individuals in the same day. But unfortunately, due to overweight, we had to wait for the next day. We stayed in a hotel near Dhangadi Buspark. Youvraj Dai didn’t join us. Instead, he went to his in law’s house(ससुराली घर) to give them a surprise visit.

Finally the next day in the morning we took the first flight back to Kathmandu. End of story.
तेतिन्जेल बाकी छुटेको कुरा चाही युवराज दाई हजुर लेख्नु है , हाम्रो भरपर्दो गायिड होनी त् :बिसेस्गारी रामारोशन किन जान नपाएको भनेर तल कमेन्ट गर्नु है 🙂

हस्त नमस्ते

Now some more pitcures: Hope you will like them: