TravelingNepal: Photowalk at Dhulikhel.

Personally, I now prefer walking around Dhulikhel only on purpose. Having roamed almost every street and nuke around Dhulikhel since my childhood, I find this place changing. The changes are not that good. The number of houses has doubled. People are ignoring the importance of natural resources. The city is being polluted.

The area we visited yesterday was Devisthan Temple which lies on top ofย  Dhulikhel. I went there along with my classmates of MTech/ME Grad 2018. For three of us(Arun, Akash & me) this place is not new at all. Throughout the hike, Akash told how many times he walked around Dhulikhel. We walked from Kathmandu University and reached Dhulikhel. We walked via the road at the background of Dhulikhel Hospital. Then we entered the old community of Dhulikhel. Finally walking about half an hour, we reached to Devisthan Temple.

During the walk, I clicked a few pictures which I want to share today. It was an unplanned hike made by my friends. But it turned out to be a memorable one due to these pictures. So I added the title as “Photowalk at Dhulikhel”

Nepal Sambat 1139.

The first thing which caught my eye was this beautiful art painted in the wall of a house near Sanjiwani School. One can find this as we start walking from Dhulikhel Hospital Chwok towards the old community of Dhulikhel. This was painted to celebrate New Year which is celebrated by Newari Calendar.ย 


As we started walking upwards to the stairs, I saw this pretty little girl. You can see how beautiful she is. More to that this little puppy she carried with her caught my eye. Since it is a cold winter, she had covered the puppy with a colorful knitted woolen cloth. This shows how much she loves her pet. And while I asked her to take a picture she agreed with a smile. She took my heart โค right away.ย ย 


This is not beautiful, right? But this picture is important to me personally. These guys from Vianet were hanging the optic fiber cables in the poles. I talked with them and came to know that they are extending their facility to the villages next to the Devisthan Temple. These villages are Kavrebhanjyang, Phaskot, Patlekhet, Panityanki and some more. Kabrebhanjyang is the village when I was born. When I was small, I remember how my uncle brought that ADSL Landline phone for the first time in our village. It was twenty years back. Now I see Vianet is introducing internet. Although it is not the first time any internet service provider has tried to penetrate our village with internet facility. I think a government school in my village “Karthari Madhyamik Bidhyalaya” uses Subisu’s internet.ย  But I’m happy because now the internet is cheaper and people are always demanding internet facility at my village and nearby places. So with this internet, many families will be facilitated. Mostly my juniors will easily access the internet and can have a better perspective about the whole world.


This one was taken when we all reached the temple. After spending some time in the temple we went down to click some pictures at the famous pointed stone. Well, I didn’t click any but all ladies did. And yesterday the facebook was photobombed with that stone ๐Ÿ˜†I saw an old woman carrying a stick and taking care of these two cows. (Not sure if both of them were cows though). She couldn’t stand erect and looked so old yet she had to do her job. So I captured this but without her permission. Sorry about that!1546869394923

And lastly, this is the distance we all covered yesterday which my fitness band MI3 captured. Overall, it was a day full of entertainment. We got to know our classmates’ face at least ๐Ÿ˜œ Yes at least because Arun and I were the sweepers walking at the last and laughing throughout the hike. We missed our good friend from KU from the bachelors time and laughed a lot cracking jokes. Most of them were lame though ๐Ÿคฃ

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