Why Go To A University?

Happy New Year 2019. I wish you all find your opportunities this year to reach your milestones. I hope all of your new year eve was joyful. Also, you might have continued your first day doing the thing that you love with full energy and enthusiasm. The first day of 2019, I spent my time attending the course lectures. It was the introduction class of Software Engineering. Software Engineering is a core course offered to Undergraduate students and to the graduates. Asst. Professor Rabindra Bista, Ph.D. guided us during the bachelor’s study and will guide us now. The introductory classes are always important ones. I already mentioned about it while talking about orientation classes.

Master’s classes are all designed to orient students with research works. Software Engineering will play a key role in exploring the technologies that help us while doing our research. One thing that my Professor told during our first class of Software Engineering was special. I am touched by it, so I’m writing this blog today. While sharing his academic experiences, he answered this question ” Why to go to a University?” First, he asked us. But as usual we were quiet and he shared two things which I believe is important to all of us.

Why Go To A University?

The question seems easy. We are here to continue our academic studies. So we study at Universities or its affiliated colleges to get the bachelors, masters, P.hD. degree. But that is not the only reason for studying or joining an academic institution. These two things he told us:

  1. After completing my studies from the University, I can deal with my problems and situations on my own. The struggle we do at University will make us confident to solve any problems we face in life. We will create our own opportunities.
  2. After completing the studies from a University, we will have a different mindset. One that is matured and more realistic. Level of thinking, analyzing and reasoning towards a problem or a situation will be completely different. The mindset which we had during our School/High School will be totally different than that of University.

These two points are true and practical. I myself am following these two points completing my studies from Kathmandu University. Living on my own, covering the expenses from my job since last two years was something that I was able to do after the University studies. And the struggle which I did during the undergraduate studies, has helped me in making decisions for my future. My mindset has also changed throughout the time. Quitting my job which paid a commendable wage, in spite of my family going through an economic burden to continue my Master’s Study is a decision which I made thinking a dozen times. All because of the knowledge and lessons learned during the University life.

So yes, the technical and course curriculum will definitely go throughout the semester. But this lesson he shared which we won’t get in any course curriculum was a life lesson. And this is something one should carry throughout their life as a student. Also, the same lesson works in every area in our life.

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