Why Not a Single Standard?

Every morning I’m stuck at the busy Traffic of Jadibuti-Koteshwor. Waiting for the traffic Police to clear the road for about 20–30 minutes has now become a daily schedule. That sounds boring but I’ve utilized it for something meaningful. I mostly read books during this time. Due to this, I am ignoring this hectic daily start towards my work.

I remember, a few weeks back I completed a novel “Juino” by Binita Baral reading on Office Van. Thank you Pritika for this beautiful gift.

Currently, I’m reading the book “Long Pilgrimage” written by John G. Bennett. It’s about life and lessons of Shivapuri Baba. I’m reached somewhere in middle. This book sounds perfect for all spiritual seekers who have a quest to know the unanswered truth “GOD”. Shivapuri Baba teaches us to live the “Right Life”. Yes, you read it true, he speaks about How one can live a right life. And he suggests about the principles and procedures to achieve find God in this very lifetime. The Book is magical and I’m getting to explore many aspects of life and spirituality. Thank You Sanjeela for this precious gift 🙂

But meanwhile, as I was going through those principals and philosophies, A thought strike in my mind. “Why are there religions like the branches of a tree? Why Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Sikhs? And why a different set of rules, Gods, Scriptures, deities? While everyone is in a quest of knowing the inner self, fundamental of origin of spirit as well as the entire universe and creation, why to impose this rule and that philosophy. Why add different philosophical, confusing and complex life stories just to explain that A caterpillar starts inside Cocoon, breaks it spreads its wings looks beautiful starting from a miserable phase and dies to jump near the fire.

These days More confusing are the cults in the same religion. If you break down Hinduism there are Krishna Pranamis & Vaishnavas who pray Lord Krishna and Lord Bishnu. Some believe both of them are the same and some say this one is superior and this one is another form of this god.
This is too hectic if I will keep on writing all those confusing kinds of stuff in religions. And I don’t wanna confuse readers too.

But I thought today, why the quest of understanding life is not like the formula of Mathematics. Straight and to the point. Yes, some are too confusing and not to our level of understanding but still, those are verified by some whose brain could grab the steps. And somewhere it is written step by step.

If I keep this curiosity to some spiritual devotees then again they will keep this confusion counterpoint: Can you see butter in a cup of milk? You can’t because it’s milk and until you stir it enough there will only be milk. Seeking knowledge about God is also the same, our wisdom and level of understanding is not strong or refined enough to find the truth.

I am convinced most of the time, but not always that dialogue works. It makes me feel like humans are some puppets played the fool by those spiritual/political masters Playing over our emotions, fear and …