Will advances in Artificial Intelligence lead to technological unemployment?

This is definitely gonna happen in a short span of time. Advances in Artificial Intelligence will lead to the invention of new automation technologies. Every tech giants are investing their research in automating their process/ system just to reduce the human effort. One day or another we will be living in a robotic era where Robots will be your assistance in all works, manual to technical works.

I’m sure that you have watched this video then you will also be convinced that we need to explore jobs which will take time to be automated even by the artificially advanced technologies. But nothing is as perfect and efficient as we humans do. So not that humans will completely be left behind, but there will always be great contribution/ job demand of human in order to make them (Artificially Intelligent technologies) fully functional and also we are the one to improve them.

Instead of sharing my views on this topic, this video project will clearly explain what is happening and what will happen in the future. The title itself is so legit. Really the technological ecosystem is changing day by day. The effect in developing or least developed countries is not seen in a large scale. Still, the developed countries are highly adopting such technologies such as automated cars, supply chain systems, robotic assistance in the manufacturing of automobiles. People now don’t even need to type for questions on Google. They can speak up and get the answers. Their meetings are scheduled via voice instruction. Goods, foods laundry, vacuum cleaning, everything that needed a human resource to get the task done are done now by instructions. Everything rest happens automatically with the technologies developed by artificial intelligence and machine learning.