Word of Thanks on 25th Day :)

Oh wow, it’s the twenty-fifth day of my daily writing commitment. So happy that now I have twenty-five blogs about people, places, stories, thoughts, and travels. I will always have those memories with me. Things to be happy about it that now those memories are stored in written form and it will remain online more than me 🙂 Deep huh? But that’s the fact. My every single blog has around 800 words on average. Take this twenty-fifth blog in the count and then I find a count of 20000 words which I wrote in last twenty-five days.  25000 words, seriously? I surfed the internet trying to find out how much words on average can a Nobel possibly have. I found that an average of 60000 words can be found in Nobels. Damn, now it makes me feel this joy. Wow, I wrote quite a lot in the last twenty-five days. I’m not trying to do any sort of comparison with my writings and Nobels. Because I know most of my writing is a crap. I don’t even re-read, proofread, audit, cross-check them. Coming home after nine hours long day job, with irritated eyes and annoyed mind, writing is itself an overburden. So expecting quality content with proper flow of sentences and a legit meaning would be so wrong 🙂

Anyways, I’m loving it, I’m committed. But I don’t expect things will go smoothly tomorrow or in the days to come. Because this is not the only commitment that I have broken. My tech blog Techjhola.com which is my all time favorite was also a commitment. With 199 published blog posts, it shattered after one year of continuous blogging. Hence there are least expectations, but currently daily blogging has occupied my mind so much and I am writing it. Let’s see where the path leads right? 

In these twenty-five days, I have got words of appreciation from my friends and my readers. See I am saying my readers. Do you know why? Because of this:

In last twenty-eight days i.e. since I started writing my daily blogs these many users have gone through my website with an average time duration of one minute and twenty-four seconds. 
Thank You all for reading my daily blogs that’s appearing somewhere in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Erroneous words in my writings, my Google Adsense’s add might have made you annoyed. But regardless I wanna thank you all for visiting my site and giving it a value/worth on the world wide web. Your interaction in this webpage, your comments and shares, traffic and active sessions you spend here makes this blog important not only for me but also for the internet. It helps, it really motivates me to write more. And I will try my best 🙂

Well, I was thinking to write something about today’s blunder incident at ATM Booth of NIBL Bank Durbarmarg and our Respected President’s (VIP ENTRANCE)Sawari at the Hattisar Road. Those two things were something that bugged me for sometime today. But they will be written tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Word of Thanks on 25th Day :)

  1. Kudos to you brother.!!
    You keep on writing and we shall keep on reading.
    Let the (F = ma) be with you!!

    1. Thank You for reading and actually being a part of most of the blogs brother. ChiyaGuffs specially will be missed soon 😉 Milayera BUjha haha

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