Yak Attack: Cycling 4000m Above the Sea Level. Don’t You Wish For It?

My friend Yugdeep shared this link “Champion Wallace’s record Annapurna triumph” today. I went through it and was simply blown away reading the record made by Champion Wallace. He is a three times Yak Attack Winner. Oh, most of the people reading this blog might not know about Yak Attack. In case you don’t please, go through this website: https://www.mtb-worldwide.com/the-yak-attack/ and you will find a new extreme adventure which is worth trying in our life. I fell so because I dream for it but don’t even have the courage to challenge myself.

In the website of Mountain Biking Worldwide, following information regarding Yak Attack is provided.

Yak Attack. The highest mountain bike race on Earth
Climbing to the dizzying heights of 5416m above sea level, Yak Attack is the highest mountain bike race on Earth. The 2019 edition will include more single track trails than ever before. 280km, 9000m of ascent and 2 very unique loops around Besi Sahar and Kagenbi, will bring 7 days of the most exciting and intense racing on the 2019 race calendar.

Altitude, temperature extremes, harsh living conditions, and a very tough terrain make Yak Attack one of the hardest mountain bike races around.

I am so fond of cycling. I have my own bike and have participated in events such as Critical Mass Kathmandu, Critical Mass Kavre, Ride by Annapurna Post, Quora, etc. Although it feels sad to say that it’s been a long time that I haven’t pedaled around. My cycle has dust all over its body. I knew about Yak Attack a few years back when the World Cyclist Mr. Pushkar Shar lead first ever “The Great Himalayan Trails” event. During that time I knew some of the participants who were riding along with him. Then I knew a mountain bike rider Mr. Ajay Pandit Chhetri and read about him in the news. He was a winner of the Yak Attack event(should be in the year 2014 or 15).

Yak Attack is a sick event and it is not at all for normal people. It’s an adventure for all those abnormal courageous athletes who have got the guts to take this challenge, a challenge of pedaling against the death. During my last trek to Tilicho-Thorangla Pass, I saw some cyclist in the trail. They were also doing the Annapurna Circuit. I was so excited to see them.

4000m above the sea level, where we fight so hard to hold our breath, some adventurers pedal their mountain bikes. I don’t know how do they do it. These are the real adventurers and heroes. I saw them at Leddar near the Thorangla Base Camp, at Tilicho Lake and also at Thorang La Pass. There was a group of cyclist representing “Annapurna360”. While I was taking a heavy breath in walking after every 10-15 minutes, these cyclists face was so focused and their legs were pedaling like they are cycling in a plain.

I don’t know if dreams come true. Even I’m not sure if we should dream such a challenging dream. But I wish I could do the cycling around this awesome trail of Annapurna Circuit. And at the same time, I convince myself saying, “If every wish was meant to be fulfilled, don’t know how would the world be!”

I Wish for it so bad, What about you?

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