Amit Agrawal( Aspiring Blogger from India.

Damn it’s so cold and raining outside and it has started to snow in different places nearby Kathmandu Valley.

Get Inspired, Work Hard, Motivate others

We need to know personalities in the field we are involved in. If you are a football player, you need to have your Pele and Maradona as your heroes. Call them as your motivators, role modals what you want to. Whenever you are working hard in achieving something, most of the journey is set by you alone. There is no other alternatives than working hard. Motivation is all you need during those hard phases of life. It’s good to find aspiring hard working heroes of your field. When we get to see someone passionate about their job, we can learn from him/her. Someday your hard work is gonna pay off. Than don’t hesitate to share your achievement to the whole world. If you are brave enough and can handle the negative comments, share your fucking dark days of failures to people. If you are that courageous, than my friend you are gonna rock your world. Success is just a matter of your hard work and some time. You will be happy with your journey yo made from the hard beginnings.

Every blogger that I have known or met know about this guy. When I first started writing tech blogs on Linux, I used to watch his video interviews. He was somebody who quit his job and started his career as a blogger. Yes an IIT gradaute, a full time employee later became well known to the whole world as Blogger Amit Agrawal.

Meanwhile, it’s been sixty three day’s that I’m writing my daily blogs as a part of Daily Writing Commitment. It has been a awesome experience so far. Do go through my daily blogs and give your valuable comments and feedback.

India’s No.1 Blogger Amit Agrawal

On today’s blog I am sharing the stories of his success which I still remember. I thought about writing this because I saw someone made a video on top 5 bloggers of 2018 from India. This blogger who started blogging back in 2004 when nobody knew what blogging was, is still a number one blogger of India. This fact made me excited to write about him on today’s blog.


In the very early days of 2004 he started blogging. He worked as a full time employee at Hyderabad, India. But due to some family reasons, he had to return back to his home town Agra. I’m not sure if it was his home of office at Agra. He had a printer around him. So he wrote the feature review about that printer. In a few days he noticed people from different corner of world started to read that post. He was surprised. So he continued writing more of technical blogs. He is mainly known for writing “How To” blogs.

There are huge number of bloggers in India. The scene in Nepal is exactly the opposite. Here in Nepal the number of youtube vloggers has increased rapidly. But bloggers are very limited. Many people write but never share with anybody. Even their friend circles never realize that he or she writes blogs. Indian bloggers organize annual meetups where Amit Agrawal is by default the center of attraction. People thrive to listen his blogging journey.

With his blog he earns more than $60,000 per month. It might give you a heart attack 😛 His website is ranked at top 9,709 in whole world. You might think thousand is a huge number, right? my poor friends, our nation’s online newspaper as ranked by alexa is  2,324. So just compare and think about it again. A blog maintained by in individual blogger is just around four times less than a national news portal. A portal that is maintained by couple of development team and dozens of news reporters who provide news from all over the country. And the portal publishes dozens of news in a day.

Amir Agrawal has been an aspiring blogger since my undergradaute studies when I started writing blogs. I don’t mean you need to follow their footsteps and do exactly what they are doing. This is totally wrong. First, for an ordinary footballer to be like Messi is impossible. But we should always aim higher and challenge our limits for sure. Second, we have our own excellencies and limitations. So we should definitely aim higher but do things to our knowledge and capacity. We might succeed even more that our heroes and role modals. Future is uncertain my friend.

You might be actively working hard in different areas. Who are your influencers/ motivators/ heroes/ role models you follow? Please comment their names and quality that you are fond of.