Cyborg and Immortality?

It’s like preserving your body inside a coffin which guarantees your long age. You are on a deep sleep. You are only dreaming and your dreams are actually occurring in a world of binary (actually quantum till 2200A.D.) This is what I imagine immortality could be! This shit which can be seen in movies will be real for real in a few hundred years. Sadly none of us from year 2019 won’t be alive to witness it.

What is This “Pro” Tag in Github?

Github now shows this PRO Badge to those users who are either using the paid planning or are enrolled in the education program. Since I’m a student member of Github associated with my email, I am also seeing this tag.

But this “Pro” Tag is irrelevant to me. As I’m not a regular contributor and maintain my codes only a few times. There is also the option to hide it. Clicking the edit button, I can select or un-select the Tag displaying option.