Recalling Badimalika Trekking and some Argh! Memories

Now that I have made it to Panchpokhari, Tilicho and Thorang La Pass, stepped my foot above 5416M high, I will still say that “The Trails of Badimalika and the difficulty to reach on top is the toughest experience I have ever faced.” Don’t know how many years would it still take for Badimalika to be known as a mainstream religious trekking spot! But those who have been to this beauty, are blessed to experience one of the most adventurous religious tourist destination of Nepal.

Badimalika, Your Next Travel Destination in Nepal

Readers might think that I am just writing this blog for the sake of promoting my videos to get more views. That is also true. It’s a true shit. But along with the page views I also want to increase number of visitors in that rural place, where very few people have been. It’s such a beautiful places. And if you nomad travelers are looking for a escape route from all of these hyped trekking destinations, Just go to Badimalika.

18 Years Old makes it to ThorangLa Pass(5416M)

Shout Out to my 18years Old energetic brother who made it to ThorangLa Pass(5416M) with ease and joy.
Although it was his first time above 4000M he walked like a professional, actually ran like a horse. He was in the front row one while reaching Tilicho Lake as well as ThorangLa Pass.
And he will complete traveling whole Nepal before you people think about starting your first trek😄
Most funny part of the whole trek was his singing “दामी दामी दामी, वरीपरी चाहियो मलाई राम्री राम्री नानी” 😂😂😂