Eagle’s Eye View of Prof. Dr. Yuvaraj Sangraula. Politics of Nepal since 1952!

It’s been only four days I first saw this interview on youtube. I don’t know how did I stumble upon this video but now I feel so good about the content. Previously I had only heard a few keywords about Nepali Politics. But now I feel like I downloaded a huge dictionary about Nepal’s Politics in my mind.

It is one single video interview of an individual for about an hour. But you know what this video speaks about? It speaks about Influence of Foreign Countries, India, China, America in Making Our Politics Unstable, Establishment of almost 46000 FNGOs Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations, Christianity, Abolishment of Nepali Language, Different FNGOs, INGOs and millions of dollars of investment in Madhesh and many more. 

Isn’t it too much for a mind to capture, understand and visualize at the same time? Dr. Yubaraj Snagraula, a lawyer, a professor, a political analyst spoke on all those topics based upon his research experience. He launched his research book “South Asia China Geo-Economics” and the interview was focused on the contents of that book.

Today I’m writing this blog not to highlight upon who Dr. Sangraula is, nor about all those keywords that I mentioned above. I am writing this because with his interview I am again interested in learning about Politics of my country. It had been so long time that I had completely left reading newspapers and online news. And I was kind of detached with the politics of Nepal. But Dr. Sangraula gave a high-level overview of how foreigners are tampering our country’s politics. With this, I am so amazed to learn many new findings.

This blog is a request to all readers(nationals or internationals) to go through his interview once. It is in the Nepali language. If you don’t have any interest in Nepal than after viewing this you will have enough interest in our history and politics. If you don’t understand Nepali much. I know many Nepali people find it boring to listen to Nepali interviews. Also if you are a foreigner you can buy his book which he has written in English Langauge.

I will buy this 600 pages long book and will read it soon. I want to!

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    1. Book kinnu paryo pahila ani balla padne ho. Paile Living in our own terms firta de tya

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