GITHUB: How to Track Activities of repositories via Email Service?


You are moderator/supervisor of a Github Project. You’ve your team members who are continuously working on a project from their favorable workspace. Now how do you think you will keep update about the changes made by them until you will see a pull request or a bug report?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some sort of alert whenever any member performs a change on your repository? Actually, there is a workaround to receive email alerts whenever there are changes in your repository. Whenever a user commits to your repository you’ll receive an email.


This is how we add a Email Service for getting alerts about every commit:

  1. Go to your Github Repository
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Integrations & Services
  4. Click Add Service
  5. There are dozens of services you available in the dropdown. Click for Email
  6. You will get a form to fill some information. Fill it:
  7. After filling the information Click Add Service, try making changes to your repository and commit those changes. You will get an email alert within a minute.

That’s all for this blog. This is the first time I did experiment with GitHub integration and services. I see there are many services like dockers, Filezilla, Rally, Trello and many more which I’ll explore soon and share my findings in upcoming blog posts.