Heavy Snowfall at Banepa. This is Bad!

I woke up in the morning looking at the snowfall right from my window. It was exciting and the view was also beautiful. For many of them who haven’t seen snow or enjoyed the snowfall it must be their best day. In places such as Nala, Sanga, Dhulikhel & Banepa there was heavy snowfall. The snowfall lasted was heavy and it lasted for about one hour and fifteen minutes.

The snowfall seems beautiful. Many people are celebrating too. But Banepa, Kathmandu, Dhulikhel are totally hilly region. Snowfall is not expected here. Also this heavy snowfall means the weather cycle is fluctuated. Twelve years back in 2063B.S there was Snowfall which was very thin. Even before that this happened for more than 45-48 years back. That was a rare thing. But now as the winter season approaches to its peak, not only the himalayan regions but hills feel the snowfall. Yearly snowfall happens around the hills of KTM valley such as Nagarkot, Phulchwoki & Chandragiri. But snowfall of this thick layer for such a long time which happened today is a bad sign of nature. We humans are spoiling the weather, polluting our natural resources, exploiting it. Now we are also seeing it’s consequences. We are enjoying the snowfall but this is a bad thing happening around us.