Install Jupyter Notebook in Ubuntu with pip3 and python3

Jupyter Notebook apparently is a web interface where we can run our python codes where the Notebook acts as a python shell. And actually Jupyter Notebook runs iPython in the server and provides a suitable UI wrapper where we execute the python code. Jupyter notebook is widely used for quite a long time specially by students, researchers and those who are learning python via platforms such as MOOC.

Installing Jupyter is very easy but before the installation here are some of the prerequisites that is required to get the Jupyter Notebook installed:

Install Python3

 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install python3.6

Then Install pip compatible for python3

sudo apt install python3-pip 

Now install ipython3 with pip3

pip3 install ipython3 

Now after ipython3 we are now ready for installing Jupyter Notebook. notebook can be installed with following command:

pip3 install jupyter

After the notebook is installed it is now time to run the Jupyter Notebook. To run the notebook simply type: jupyter-notebook.

You might encounter an access issue while running this command. You might try running jupyter-notebook with sudo command. But this will not solve the issue. In order to resolve the access issue you should type:

jupyter-notebook --allow-root