This Japanese Loner Marriages a Hologram Hatsune Miku.

There is a saying in our Nepali language ” बाच्नु मात्र पर्छ अचम्म देख्न र सुन्न पईन्छ”. It means that you just have to be alive to see and listen many amusing and surprising facts. So today’s blog is also about one such surprising news which I found online while scrolling through the tweets.

A thirty-five years old Japanese man married a hologram.

News of a marriage is not new for anyone, right? Everyone marry at least once in their life! While some are exceptions 😜 and try to be unique. But this man married hologram.

Do you know hologram?

A hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. It is a technology. He married something that doesn’t exist in reality. After seeing this video news reporting from CNN I kept on thinking why are people so much intimate with technology. Before this news, it was only a fictional story.

Remember that Movie Her?

Do you remember the movie Her? Yes, there the main actor falls in love with a voice which is the medium to communicate with him. The voice is an output of the operating system he just bought for some technical assistance like reading emails, handling calls and meetings via voice assistant commands. The artist is emotionally attached to software and also with the voice, he communicated all the time. later he was disappointed to know that she”the voice assistant” is communicating and helping thousands of other users at the moment.

There are similarities with that movie’s artist and this guy who recently married a hologram. Better watch it for yourself:

Thinking Out Loud!

This guy is a loner. Having spent years alone with a technology that assisted him while he was home, he fell in love. Eventually, he married the hologram. The funny part that is shown in the video is that he made a dummy doll to resemble it was a hologram. The poor guy misses the lips of a beautiful bride and kisses a doll. Poor Child!🤣This hologram is modeled after an anime character “Hatsune Miku”. By profession, he is a school administrator. Japan is a cultural country where everyone in school care and respect each other. Being a school administrator he was not social among his colleagues and sadly didn’t find anyone to omit his loneliness. What an Irony! 🤔

My friends, bad news to those who live in Nepal. There aren’t any such holograms available in Nepal, if you are thinking to marry one. 😜 Next thing, don’t be such an ass like our hero Japanese Guy. In case you do such stupid thing, you will be famous all over the world and you won’t get time anymore to get lonelier again.😁

Be Social, Do Charity, Find someone you love, Live Your life and use such technologies as your guide/assistant. Don’t be stupid but instead live your life happier as much as you can! Adios.

This is the fifty-fourth blog post as a part of my daily blog writing commitment. Find more of my daily blogs here.

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  1. I lived in Japan years ago and my observations were it is a very patriarchal country with gender roles and expectations forced upon them. Perhaps this is an act of ‘defiance’ against societies ‘norms’. Then you have the Japanese obsession with cos-play on top of that! Very sad he can’t find true love, however.

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