Let’s Write Something Every Day…

I’m taking Darius Foroux’s Article “Why A Daily Writing Habit Improves Your Life“, as a headstart, a motivation to begin my commitment.

I have been writing tech blogs and articles in different sections for years. Since my undergraduate, I wrote mostly technical articles on different blogs of my own and also of my friends.

The year 2016–17 was so energetic one because my blog techjhola.com was at its peak having daily technical blogs published. It gathered huge traffic online and was well known among friends and University students. It still has a total of 199 published articles and 40 Drafts. We also had a team of 4–5 writers who would write and share articles. But slowly it became only me writing articles and sharing. This didn’t encourage me to write much. And after we shifted from blogger to WordPress, things became weird.
Now, techjhola.com is only a registered domain and doesn’t have anything live to explore. And techjhola.blogspot.com is also there untouched. Nobody writes anything there but still, it has daily traffic of 25–30 people.

I’m not done with it yet. That domain has an interesting memory with it. I chose that domain while I was having tea at KU Cafe with my friends. Rabindra Lamsal encouraged me that time to write a blog and that’s how techjhola.com was created.
Thequickblog.com was his baby boy where me along with 6–7 other friends used to write technical stuff. But sadly he sold it and it ended in a short time.

Now that my schedules and priorities are pretty clear to me and also having knowledge about all things that I need to complete in these upcoming two-three years, I believe writing and expressing my mood/state/ideas)concerns would be a good idea.
So I am going to commit myself in writing pretty little things about anything that my mind can imagine. I will write about things that I failed and things I accomplished. No matter what, I will be writing.

So readers( few friends of mine whom I follow 😜), please share your feedback and comment such that I can feel motivated as well as improve myself.

 The Following are the list of blog articles which I have written since November 15, 2018:

  1. Pemba and The Notorious Monk from Lukla
  2. “ल आफ्नै भान्जा पो भेटिए”, Meeting Your Fav During a Solo Travel to Namche.
  3. Here a Small Fact, “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”- The Book Thief
  4. 6 Years of Letting Twitter play with my mood swings for free! 😉
  5. My Tech Blog techjhola.com expires. Collaboration No More! 🙁
  6. “I am a reflection of what I do.” – Jobs
  7. Recalling Badimalika Trekking and some Argh! Memories
  8. “Mero2Paisa” A Quality Podcast is Grooming in Town. Might Wanna Checkout!
  9. What is This “Pro” Tag in Github?
  10. Home, Friends & Endless Memories. A Day Out With Trope Gang 🙂
  11. Retrospective January 2019. Many things went well this month 🙂
  12. How To Calculate Time Taken To Read A CSV File in Python?
  13. How to Change Table Structures With Migration in Laravel?
  14. Research Methodologies: Research Problem Formulation
  15. Laravel5.7 : MySQL Setup and Initial Migration. [Solved]
  16. How To Install Laravel Framework in Ubuntu?Laravel5.7, PHP7.1.26
  17. Messed Up Your .bashrc file? How To Fix your Linux Desktop?[Fix]
  18. Bholi Dekhi Chhodi Dinchhu by Nayan Raj Panday
  19. Amit Agrawal(labnol.org) Aspiring Blogger from India.
  20. Badimalika, Your Next Travel Destination in Nepal
  21. Do You Invest in Yourself?
  22. Get All Your Emails in Your Slack Channel With MailClark.
  23. Supporting and Participating in Empowering the Himalayas by HoneyGuide
  24. This Picture of Ranipokhari in Ten Year Challenge :'(
  25. Last Day at Work. Cotiviti Nepal
  26. Tootle Ban | Government What’s Wrong With You? #ISupportTootle
  27. Maghe Sankranti | Come Let us Talk Little About Hinduism!
  28. This Japanese Loner marriages a Hologram Hatsune Miku 
  29. BigPixel China: Billions of Pixels in a Single Picture Panorama.
  30. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK
  31. Dr. Shashi Tharoorr: Britain Does Owe Reparations
  32. Eagle’s Eye View of Prof. Dr. Yuvaraj Sangraula. Politics of Nepal since 1952!
  33. I Shall Continue Writing Daily Blogs!
  34. TravelingNepal: Photowalk at Dhulikhel.
  35. GIT ERROR fatal: I don’t handle protocol ‘ https’ A Minor Issue With An Easy Fix.
  36. Google Alerts: Bring All Trending Updates In Your Email Box
  37. Why Go To A University?
  38. Last Day of 2018 Ended Singing Soothing Songs With Prelisa
  39. This 2018, I Earned People And Small Space In Their Heart!
  40. What are your five favorite books?
  41. #Day1: Emerging Technology, IoT(Internet of Things) & Research Methodologies.
  42. Best and Worst Things That happened after Telephone Was Introduced.
  43. Merry Christmas 2018, Secret Santa and Last Christmas at Verscend Technologies
  44. Kritipur Visit With Batari Dada
  45. Manage Your Google Activity Control. Location History, Voice and Audio Activity.
  46. Orientation Classes are always Interesting. MTech. IT 2018, Kathmandu University.

  47. How To Upgrade Ubuntu With a Single Command?
  48. Appeal for Support, Help my Friend Madhav in Participating at “MIT BOOTCAMP”. Please!
  49. Hypothetical Scenario Question: Will you Implant a Memory Chip on Your Brain?
  50. Gadgets Review: Fitness Band MI Band 2 & 3, User Experience.
  51. Mamaghar and Nostalgic Memories
  52. Congratulations Kathmandu University Graduates, My Friends, and Juniors
  53. Beginning of a New Sprint, MTech IT, KU 2018
  54. Big Boss On The Street, Dare to Cross the Street!
  55. ATM Booth on NIBL at Durbarmarg and It’s Blunder!
  56. Word of Thanks On 25th Day 🙂
  57. If Only I could Wipe Out Memories!
  58. Something From a Troubled Guy
  59. 18 Years Old Makes It To ThorangLa Pass(5416M)
  60. Statue of Sanga Mahadev, Investment but a Doubtful One!
  61. Statue of Unity Indian Government’s Investment not Expenses
  62. Same Road for different dreams and goals!
  63. Yak Attack: Cycling 4000m Above the Sea Level. Don’t You Wish For It?

  64. Life is full of Surprises. Surprises at Tilicho Base Camp.
  65. Travel Like Insane, Keeping Your Sane Humanity
  66. Memories With Chiyaguff
  67. 2 Years At Verscend My Work Anniversary
  68. Oh Wow, You are Doing Good!
  69. Humanity Exists Only On Virtual Emojis!
  70. Why Is Our Language Important?
  71. High-Performance Computing Facility at Kathmandu University
  72. Dear Stranger!
  73. Dreams, I have a Few, I had too Many!
  74. 2018: Traveled 41/77 Districts of Nepal So Far @travelingnepal
  75. Some Madness is Worth It! A journey of IIH @iihzee
  76. Held You Head High With a Bright Smile!
  77. Let’s See Where the Path Leads!
  78. About Graduate Studies and My Statement of Purpose(SOP in an hour)
  79. Online Businesses in India, My perspective.
  80. Do you Quora? Just Reached 100K Answer Views 🙂

Thank You and Namaste.